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Flask Login Demo


Flask Login

This code sample makes use of Flask and Flask-Login, a library that manages User registration, log in, session and logout functionality.

Flask-Login Documentation

Demo App ..

  • register and login users.
  • create notes saved in database and associated to a specific user.
  • users can edit their own notes.

To get started

  • Download code

  • Create Git repo

      git init
      git add .
      git commit -am "init commit"
  • Create a virtual environment

      virtualenv venv
  • Install all requirements for app

      . runpip


      . venv/bin/activate
      pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Create Heroku app

      heroku create
  • Add MongoLab Starter Addon to your app, from your code directory in Terminal

      heroku addons:add mongolab
  • Add MONGOLAB_URI from Heroku config to your .env file

      heroku config --shell | grep MONGOLAB_URI >> .env

Create a SECRET_KEY for your .env and Heroku Config

We need a SECRET_KEY for salting the user passwords.

  • Open your .env and add a new line

  • We need to add this secret key to Heroku config vars too


This will add a new key and value to the App on Heroku.

Run it

With your MONGOLAB_URI and SECRET_KEY configured in .env and on Heroku config you should be good to run the code.


. start


. venv/bin/activate
foreman start

The routes

  • / - main page - display all notes.
  • /notes/:note_id - display an individual note
  • /notes/:note_id/edit - display edit page for note, only user that created the note can edit.
  • /register - create a new user
  • /login - login with registered email and password
  • /logout - logout user

Flask Blueprints - Modular Flask Development

Flask Blueprint docs

Blueprints allow you to separate your app into modules removing core code from and making the Blueprints little apps that get registered and work together in one large application.

Running the server

foreman start

If you don't have foreman, download and install the Heroku Toolbelt does the following tasks to get the app ready

  • Imports - implements database connection, session management, login manager setup.
  • Imports blueprints
    • - routes for all note display, create and edit
    • - routes for login, registration and logout
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