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基于Python3与WebQQ协议的QQ机器人框架 A QQ robot framework based on WebQQ and Python3.

Project README


Project discontinued due to abolishment of WebQQ service.


A QQ Robot framework based on WebQQ and Python3.

How to use?

Here is a simple example.

#!/usr/bin/env python3

from qqrobot import QQClient, QQHandler
import mlogger as log

class MyHandler(QQHandler):
    def on_buddy_message(self, uin, msg):
        log.i('QQ', 'got message from ' + str(uin))
        self.send_buddy_message(uin, "Powered by pyQQRobot.")

if __name__ == '__main__':
    client = QQClient()
    # to use a gevent-based client, use:
    # from qqhttp_gevent import mHTTPClient_gevent
    # client = QQClient(HTTPClient=mHTTPClient_gevent)
    log_or_load = 'log'

    if log_or_load == 'log':
        # you can log in manually
        # and then save your verification
        client.save_veri('./' + client.uin + '.veri')
    elif log_or_load == 'load':
        # or load from a file instead
        # You don't need to fetch all that lists,
        # as they are already loaded from verfication files.

    # create & add a message handler
    h = MyHandler()
    # then start your journey...

You can refer to src/ for another example, using some sort of intelligent robot to make responses to messages.


Now you can:

  • send messages to your buddies and groups
  • set listeners to messages from your buddies and groups
  • get information about yourself, your buddies and groups

Discuss groups aren't supported.


Here's a brief list of the files included:

  • includes
    • QQClient A set of WebQQ APIs and the core runtime of pyQQRobot.
    • QQHandler The simple plugin framework.
  • The QQ friends, groups and discus groups data parser.
  • Simple HTTP Client. See also, one uses gevent.
  • Simple screen logger.


As a Senior Three student in China there just cannot be enough time for me to maintain the project. I sincerely hope that there'll be coders interested to help.

so, what TODO next?

Well, no maintainance guaranteed. Maybe I'll turn a blind eye to issues and PRs, but if you insist, just send one.

  1. QQClient itself is a little messy. To solve this, I think qqhttp should be dumped, and take an ordinary way - like requests. Concurrency and asynchronization can be implemented with gevent or other libraries.
  2. Sending messages to discus groups. Technically not difficult.
  3. Finding friends. Until now I still couldn't find an existing interface in WebQQ protocol to determine a specified user by his/her account number(QQ号). Sure there's way to do it(I already have something in mind).
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