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A fork to record speaker output with python. PyAudio with PortAudio for Windows | Extended | Loopback | WASAPI | Latest precompiled Version

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Precompiled & Extended | PyAudio with PortAudio for Windows

Used versions:
· PyAudio 0.2.11 | co 7090e25bcba41413bd7ce89aa73bc0efb1ae1ca1
· PortAudio V19 | co 1bdcb9e41357ec76d8cf73f9ef278202a3ea1e3b

· Support of Windows sound loopback: Record the output of your soundcard

This project is a fork of two open source projects. If you'd like, give them some love:


See the example.

Exactly like the official PyAudio but with the extra option "as_loopback" which expects a boolean.

import pyaudio
p = pyaudio.PyAudio()
stream =[...], as_loopback = True)

How to install?

You can find the precompiled PyAudio build, static linked with PortAudio, as well as only the static linked PortAudio in the release.

I will try to rebuild the project on each update from one of the used projects.

How to build?


You will need a working cygwin installation with basic developer tools and python.

Step 0

You might have to change all files to use LF line endings with

find . -type f -exec sed -i 's/\x0d//g' {} \+

Step 1

Change to /pyaudio/portaudio-v19 and type

./configure --with-winapi=wasapi --enable-static=yes --enable-shared=no
make loopback

To rebuild type

make clean
make loopback

Step 2

Change to /pyaudio and type

python install --static-link

Microsoft Visual Studio (2017)

You will need to include the python executable in PATH.

Step 1

  • Open the portaudio project located in pyaudio\portaudio-v19\build\msvc\portaudio.sln.

  • Open the project configuration and make sure that the configuration type is set to static library.

  • Select the build type Release and x64. Then build the project.

  • Make sure the build was succesful and the file pyaudio\portaudio-v19\build\msvc\x64\Release\portaudio.lib does exist.

Step 2

Open the PowerShell as administrator and change the directory. Then you can build and install pyaudio with portaudio:

cd <Location of the repository>\pyaudio_portaudio\pyaudio
python.exe .\ install --static-link

Microsoft Visual Studio (2017) - 32 bit

For 32-bit support see instructions above and this issue:

The code from that issue is merged now, but as I do not have a 32-bit version I can't verify it. Comment in the issue for further help.


If you get errors, let me know. Thank you ♥

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