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Python wrapper for the Plex Media Server http/xml API

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Python wrapper for the Plex Media Server http/xml API. This is work in progress (in its early stage).

Some examples of what you can currently do:

from server import Server

server = Server(ip_address, 32400)      # insert your Plex server's ip address
client = server.clients[0]              # get first client

section = server.library.shows[0]       # get first TV Shows section
shows = section.getContent('newest')    # sort shows by 'newest'
season4 = shows[0].getSeason(4)         # get season 4 of first show in list
episode = season4.episodes[0]           # get first episode of season 4

print episode.title, episode.summary    # print title and summary

client.playVideo(episode)               # start playing this episode on client
client.runCommand('pause')              # pause client
client.runCommand('skipNext')           # next episode
client.runCommand('stop')               # stop playback

# returns a list of matching movies
results = server.library.findMovies('Die Hard')   

# find TV Show 'Game of Thrones' and play the next unwatched episode
game_of_thrones = server.library.findShows('Game of Thrones')[0]
latest = game_of_thrones.getNextUnwatchedEpisode()
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