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Simple but powerful graph library for Rust

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Graphlib is a simple and powerful Rust graph library.

This library attempts to provide a generic api for building, mutating and iterating over graphs that is similar to that of other data-structures found in Rust i.e. Vec, HashMap, VecDeque, etc.

Using Graphlib

use graphlib::Graph;

let mut graph: Graph<usize> = Graph::new();

// Add two vertices to the graph
let id1 = graph.add_vertex(1);
let id2 = graph.add_vertex(2);

// Add an edge between the two vertices
graph.add_edge(&id1, &id2);

assert_eq!(*graph.fetch(&id1).unwrap(), 1);
assert_eq!(*graph.fetch(&id2).unwrap(), 2);

// The graph has 2 vertices and one edge at this point
assert_eq!(graph.vertex_count(), 2);
assert_eq!(graph.edge_count(), 1);

// Remove one of the connected vertices

assert_eq!(graph.vertex_count(), 1);
assert_eq!(graph.edge_count(), 0);

Using without std

In Cargo.toml:

graphlib = { version = "*", features = ["no_std"] }


We welcome anyone wishing to contribute to Graphlib! Check out the issues section of the repository before starting out.


Graphlib is licensed under the MIT license.

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