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Functions for working with records and polymorphic labels


1 year ago

Breaking changes:

  • Migrate FFI to ES modules (#81 by @kl0tl and @JordanMartinez)
  • Replaced polymorphic proxies with monomorphic Proxy (#81 by @JordanMartinez)


2 years ago

Breaking changes:

  • Added support for PureScript 0.14 and dropped support for all previous versions (#66)
  • Updated Record.Builder.merge and Record.Builder.union so that they behave like Record.merge and Record.union: fields from the argument override those of the record being built in case of overlaps. (#73)
  • Removed Record.ST (#78)

New features:

  • Added buildFromScratch for building from an empty record (#53)
  • Added flip function (#73)


Other improvements:

  • Replaced monomorphic proxies with Type.Proxy.Proxy and polymorphic variants (#67)
  • Removed SProxy from documentation (#70)
  • Migrated CI to GitHub Actions and updated installation instructions to use Spago (#69)
  • Added a changelog and pull request template (#74, #75)


3 years ago
  • Fix typo in docs (@i-am-the-slime)
  • Fix travis


4 years ago
  • Drop typelevel-prelude dependency (@hdgarrood)


4 years ago
  • Bump dependencies (in particular, now using v4.x of typelevel-prelude) (@justinwoo)
  • Add some examples to the README (@justinwoo)
  • Add comments explaining Builder (@chexxor)


5 years ago
  • Updated for PureScript 0.12
  • The namespace has been changed from Data.Record to just Record
  • Added modify to the ST module (@matthewleon)
  • Added new functions for merging records (@natefaubion)
  • The STRecord prefixes have been dropped from the record functions for less repetition when using qualified imports
  • The function argument order has been changed so that STRecord is always the last argument


5 years ago

Add Builder.modify (@justinwoo)


5 years ago

Add rename and Builder.rename (@justinwoo)


5 years ago

Add Data.Record.ST module (@paf31)


5 years ago

Add unsafeHas (@natefaubion)