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💩🌩 your Twitter followers from your WordPress

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Compose and publish a Tweetstorm, all from inside your WordPress.

  • Seamlessly integrates into your WordPress dashboard interface
  • Safe, secure, & efficient

Publishiza includes Keyring, a great foundation by my pal Beau Lebens.


  • Download and install using the built in WordPress plugin installer.
  • Activate in the "Plugins" area of your admin by clicking the "Activate" link.
  • Visit: Tools > Keyring
  • Add a New Service
  • Authorize Publishiza


Does this create new database tables?

No. It uses WordPress's custom post-type, custom taxonomy, and metadata APIs.

Does this modify existing database tables?

No. All of WordPress's core database tables remain untouched.

Where can I get support?

Can I contribute?

Yes, please!

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