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Modern. Native. Delightful Web Debugging Proxy for macOS, iOS, and Android ⚡️

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Proxyman. Web debugging Proxy

Modern. Native. Web Debugging Proxy for macOS. Support iOS and Android ⚡️

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  • 💻 Native macOS app. Written by Swift, Objective-C. Powered by Apple SwiftNIO for the high-performance network application.
  • 🍎 Fully support Apple Chip (e.g M1, M2, M1 Pro/Max).
  • 💫 Built for macOS Monterey & Ventura.
  • ✅ Hassle-free Intercept HTTP/HTTPS requests/response and WebSocket from Web Browsers, iOS, and Android devices.
  • ✅ Modern and intuitive UI
  • 🔍 Multiple filters
  • Comprehensive Guideline to set up with iOS simulator and iOS and Android devices.
  • Basic debugging tools: Compose, Repeat, Wildcard/Regex Filter, Multiple Filters, Customize Columns, Toolbar...
  • Advanced Tools: Breakpoint, Map Local, Map Remote, Backlist, External Proxying, No Caching, Protobuf, Clear Cache, Custom Certificates, Scripting, Network Conditions, Reverse Proxy, Diff, etc
  • macOS 10.14+


$ brew install --cask proxyman

Proxyman for iOS

Atlantis framework - Inspect Network traffic with ease from your iOS app

  • Automatically intercept all HTTP/HTTPS Traffic from iOS devices
  • No need to config HTTP Proxy, Install or Trust any Certificate
  • Support iOS, macOS, tvOS.
  • GitHub:

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Proxyman is developed by a small engineer team, but we're dedicated to shipping Proxyman that tailors for each platform (macOS, iOS, and Windows). It facilitates how we debug apps and bring joyfulness and pleasure to all developers.

We're genuinely happy if you purchase a license to support the development ❤️

Proxyman team.

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