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3D rendering and animation engine for multifaceted displays on microcontrollers

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ProtoTracer: 3D Rendering and Animation Engine

This project is a live 3D rendering and animation engine designed for use on microcontrollers.


As a quick way to showcase the capabilities of this software, here is a demo showing a live rendering of a rotating and textured .OBJ file:


  • 32-bit FPU
  • 200MHz+ processor
  • At least 80KB dynamic memory

This codebase has been tested on an Arduino Mega (smaller .OBJ file with a 89 pixel matrix) and on a Teensy 4.0 (2000 triangle scene with a 2,804 pixel matrix).


The following links give a detailed description on how to import files, set up controllers, manipulate objects, and render to displays:


Any recommendations on additional information to add can be requested in the discussions tab. If you have additional questions, you can @ me in my Discord server or direct message me on Twitter.


Pull requests are very welcome. Any issues found should be reported first to open a discussion. Any recommendations can be requested in the discussions tab.

If you would like to help me keep this project going, any support on Patreon would be greatly appreciated:

License Agreement:

For this project, AGPL-3.0 is used for licensing as a means to make sure any contributions or usage of the software can benefit the community. If you use and modify this software for a product, you must make the modified code readily available as per the license agreement.

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