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A progressive image element

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Progressively enhance image placeholders once they are in the viewport.

  • Responsive lazy loading images
  • Save data option
  • No content reflow/layout shifting
  • No dependencies
  • Framework agnostic
progressive image element markup example


$ npm install progressive-image-element


  1. Include the script & stylesheet within your application
<!-- Include the stylesheet, this could be direct from the package or CDN -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="[email protected]/dist/progressive-image-element.css" />

<!-- Include the custom element script, this could be direct from the package or CDN -->
<script src="[email protected]/dist/index.js"></script>


// Import the custom element script
import ProgressiveImageElement from 'progressive-image-element';
  1. Use the <progressive-image> element markup
  srcset="example-image-2x.jpg 2x, example-image-1x.jpg 1x"
  <!-- Make sure to specify image dimensions -->
  <img src="placeholder-image.jpg" width="300" height="200" alt="Image" />

The placeholder image should be a solid color placeholder, LQIP or SQIP that hint at the content of the progressive image before it loads.


  • src Specifies the image to display
  • srcset One or more image candidate strings
  • sizes Comma-separated list of source size descriptors
  • savedata Boolean attribute to load the images only after a click/tap on the placeholder image.
    By default enabled for slow connections (slow-2g|2g|3g).

Styling states

A CSS class loadable is present on <progressive-image> when the image is ready to load on user interaction (click). Used for slow connections or when the savedata attribute is present.

progressive-image.loadable { ... }

A CSS class [loading] is present on <progressive-image> while the image is loading.

progressive-image.loading { ... }

A CSS class .loaded is present on <img> children of <progressive-image> when the image was loaded.

progressive-image > img { opacity: 0; }
progressive-image > img.loaded { opacity: 1; }


Browser support

Browsers without native custom element support require a polyfill.


MIT © André Ruffert

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