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Primes | A Software Drag Race

Note: You're currently looking at the community contribution branch of this repo, which is now the default. The original branch can be found here.

Source code to Dave's Garage video benchmarking the same prime number sieve in Python, C#, and C++.

Software Drag Racing | Dave's Garage

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Community contributions

Community contributions, fixes and improvements are accepted on this branch. If you want to add your own solution, please read

Running the benchmarks

The vast majority of benchmarks (solutions) in this repository can be built and run with one Makefile. This is described in

Viewing results

The PrimeView web application can be used to view, filter and sort results generated by Dave's benchmark machine. It is our intention to add results of other systems in the future. Note that any feedback, suggestions, PRs concerning PrimeView need to be made on the application's own repository.

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