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Python SDK for working with Predix Services (Asset, Time Series, UAA, ACS, etc.)

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The Predix Python SDK has been crafted to help Python developers have quick success writing applications using Predix Services.

Install it from PyPI::

pip install predix

If that isn't working for you, we highly recommend The Hitchiker's Guide to Properly Installing Python_ to learn about installing python, pip, and virtualenv for your environment. For industrial environments, you may also need to learn how to set your proxies.

.. _The Hitchiker's Guide to Properly Installing Python:

See the Predix Volcano App_ for a full demonstration of the SDK used in a Python Flask App.

.. _Predix Volcano App:

Getting Started

Please see the Getting Started Guide_ for a walkthrough and introduction to basic usage of the Python SDK.

.. _Getting Started Guide:

  • User Account and Authentication_ (UAA)
  • Predix Asset_
  • Predix Time Series_
  • Predix Access Control_ (ACS)
  • Predix Blob Store_
  • Predix Cache_ (Redis)
  • Predix Database as a Service_ (PostgreSQL)
  • Predix Event Hub_
  • Logging_
  • more...

.. _User Account and Authentication: .. _Predix Asset: .. _Predix Time Series: .. _Predix Access Control: .. _Predix Blob Store: .. _Predix Cache: .. _Predix Database as a Service: .. _Predix Event Hub: .. _Logging:

Getting Help

If something doesn't work as expected and you want help:

  • Create a GitHub Issue_ in this project
  • Ask on the Predix Developer Forum_
  • Send email to [email protected] and we'll respond as soon as we can

.. _GitHub Issue: .. _Predix Developer Forum:


See the Developing PredixPy Guide_ if you want to contribute or modify the SDK itself.

If you send a PR it will be reviewed as soon as possible but contribution guidelines and agreements for external parties have not been finalized.

.. _Developing PredixPy Guide:

.. image:: :target:

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