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Subclass of UISlider to make a preview of array of images or a PDF document.

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PQSliderPreview - UISlider subclass

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Device Compatibility:

iPhone - iPad

IDE Requirements:

Xcode 4

PQSliderPreview is a subclass of the UISlider and allows you to make a preview of an array of path of images or a PDF document by extracting the array of PDF pages in it.

To use it simply drag the PQSliderPreview.{h,m} files into your Xcode project and instantiate it as a standard UISlider or connect it to a UISlider placed into the User Interface using the Interface Builder.

To pass to the PQSliderPreview the content to which make a preview call one of the two function below:

  • previewPDF: withPassword: error:


  • previewImages: error:

Example Usage

Example code is shown in the PreviewSliderViewController.m

The class is fully documented using Doxygen style.

If you use the class into one or more of your project, please let me know so we can cross link the project references.

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