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simple formula using Notify to produce a "Hello, World!" message

Microsoft Power Fx is a low-code general purpose programming language based on spreadsheet-like formulas. It is a strongly typed, declarative, and functional language, with imperative logic and state management available as needed.

Power Fx started with Power Apps canvas apps and that is where you can experience it now. We are in the process of extracting the language from that product so that we can use it in more Microsoft Power Platform products and make it available here for you to use. That's going to take some time and we will report on our progress here and on the Power Apps blog.

A start on the language documentation is available in the docs folder. As with the implementation, it is being extracted from the Power Apps documentation and generalized and that too is going to take some time.


For those new to Power-Fx, this video should answer many of your questions:

Power-Fx — The low code programming language for everyone

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Daily Builds

Daily builds of the Power Fx packages are published to Azure Artifacts.

  • The Azure Artifacts daily feed carries the most recent packages. To consume them, specify this package source: https://pkgs.dev.azure.com/ConversationalAI/BotFramework/_packaging/SDK/nuget/v3/index.json

  • For detailed instructions visit this page.


There are samples demonstrating how to consume Power Fx at: https://github.com/microsoft/power-fx-host-samples

You can also see usage examples in the unit tests.


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