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GPU miner for TON

Project README

"Soft" Pull Request rules

  • Thou shall not merge your own PRs, at least one person should review the PR and merge it (4-eyes rule)
  • Thou shall make sure that workflows are cleanly completed for your PR before considering merge

Workflows responsibility

If a CI workflow fails not because of your changes but workflow issues, try to fix it yourself or contact one of the persons listed below via Telegram messenger:

  • C/C++ CI (ccpp-linux.yml): TBD
  • C/C++ CI Win64 Compile (ccpp-win64.yml): TBD

GPU POW miner

GPU pow-miner located at crypto/util, check pow-miner.md and pow-miner-howto.md for details.

TONLIB CLI with embedded GPU-miner located at tonlib/tonlib, check pow-miner-howto.md for details.

GPU miner executable files for Windows can be downloaded from https://github.com/tontechio/pow-miner-gpu/releases, check pow-miner-windows-howto.md for details.

HW Supported:

  • Nvidia: nVidia GT640+ or newer, Quadro series with Kepler chip or newer (FX not supported)
  • Radeon HD78xx series and newer, AMD GPU GCN 1.0+
  • HD4000 or newer

Tested on:

GPU Hashrate
NVIDIA GTX1060 3.8e+08
NVIDIA GTX1070 5.2e+08
NVIDIA GTX1070 Ti 7.1e+08
NVIDIA GTX1080 8.58523e+08
NVIDIA GTX1080 Ti 9.21737e+08
NVIDIA GTX1660 Ti 7.16364e+08
NVIDIA GTX1660 Super 6.41743e+08
NVIDIA RTX2060 Super 8.67233e+08
NVIDIA RTX2080 Super 1.34181e+09
NVIDIA RTX3060 8.45722e+08
NVIDIA RTX3060 Ti 1.238870e+09
NVIDIA RTX3070 1.45591e+09
NVIDIA RTX3070 Ti 1.594258e+09
NVIDIA RTX3080 2.018200e+09
NVIDIA RTX3090 2.385980e+09
AMD Radeon 580 4.2e+08
AMD Radeon 6600 6.6e+08
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