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Rock-solid transactional email templates for applications.

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Postmark Transactional Email Templates

Postmark Transactional Email Templates

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Content ready, mobile friendly, and beautiful across all major email clients.

What's this for?

Postmark Transactional Email Templates are rock-solid email templates that render beautifully in tons of email clients. They provide the foundation of our Postmark Templates feature, and we're glad to provide them as Open Source to the wider community.

These templates are built and maintained using MailMason, a grunt-based framework to help streamline the process of developing, testing, and maintaining a set of related transactional email templates. If you want to create or customize your own set of email templates, you can use MailMason to extend the existing emails or start from scratch to build an entirely new set.

CSS & Inlining

There are two sets of templates here. The first set is in the /templates folder and contains the base templates with the CSS all contained in a style block. In this state, they're easier to edit, but they'll have limited compatibility with email clients. The other set in /templates-inlined has the same templates but with the CSS already inlined. They'll be a bit more tedious to make changes to, but you won't need to use anything to inline the CSS.

Inline the CSS

For client compatibility, HTML emails should always be inlined before sending. Here are a couple of tools for doing that:

If you choose to send your emails with Postmark, each time you send we will automagically inline the CSS for you.

The Templates

Each template comes in three different generic layout variations: Basic, Basic full, and Plain. This gives you a starting point so that you can customize your templates to match your brand.

Starter templates side-by-side: Basic, basic full, and plain Dark mode compatibility


Send a welcome email to users after they sign up.

Reset Password

Send users a link to reset their password.

Reset Password Help

Help users reset their password if they can’t remember their email.


Send a receipt to users after they made a purchase.


Request payment from a user.


Let users know about a failed payment

Comment notification

Notify users of new comments by other users.

Note: Comment notification isn't the prettiest preview because it's just Mustachio. Since almost all content in this email is dynamic, it won't look good without real content. Don't worry though, that's how it's supposed to look.

Trial Expiring

Let users know when their trial is about to expire.

Trial Expired

Let users know when their expired trial.

User Invitation

Help users invite others to use your software.

We've also made sure that these have been tested for consistency in the following email clients:

  • Desktop
    • Apple Mail 9, 10, 11
    • Outlook 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2016
    • Windows 10 Mail
  • Mobile
    • Gmail App (Android)
    • iPhones 6, 7, 8, SE, X
    • iPad (Retina)
    • iPad Mini
    • iPad Pro
  • Web
    • AOL
    • Gmail
    • Yahoo
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