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a tool for adding post-processing effects in your Godot project

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post-processing-tool for Godot engine

a tool for adding post-processing effects in your Godot project and only for godot projects

how to install it in your project

  1. clone(download) the project
  2. copy the "Post Processing tool" folder that is inside the clone(download)
  3. paste the copied folder in your Godot project folder
  4. open your project using Godot and you will find "Post Processing tool" folder in the file system
  5. open that folder and you will find scene with the name "PostProcessing_tool.tscn" add it to your scene that you want to run the post-processing into
  6. you will find a new node in the scene that have all the effects in its inspector


how to use

use an effect

in the inspector of the PostProcessing_tool node, you will find all the effects in groups in any group effect, you will find the show button that shows the effect and the properties of that effect you can play in that properties to get some awesome results

calling property using script

you can call a property using gdscrript using the normal method


example of setting scale property of vignette to new value

get_node("PostProcessing_tool").vignette_scale = vector2(1.5, 1.5)

make an object doesn't affect by any effect

the tool is like any control node so you can place the node in the scene tree in order so all the nodes above it should be effected and all the nodes under it will not be affected

follow player (effect in the whole level/scene)

to make the tool effected in whole the scene or level you can change its rect_size property so it gets whole the map or you can just make it follow the player and that by adding CanvasLayer node to the scene and put the post-processing tool as a child to that CanvasLayer like that it will be always effecting whole the viewport and if the player has a camera that follows him the canvas layer will do the same and follow him

some alerts

it is a control node so use it as a control node

that's mean you have to put it under a normal node (not 2D or 3D node) to get the Layout button in the top

don't change in the original scene/code

if you change anything in the original scene of the tool that's will change all the instances to the default so be careful about that no one wants to reset all the everything level

bloom has some problems

for some reason, I can't make a good bloom effect ner find it so the effect is not good for now and you have to make the Threshold property around 0.2 value to see the changes


Q/ how many effects are in the tool right now?

9 and they are

  • Adjustments
  • Bloom
  • Chromatic Aberration
  • Color Splash
  • Fog Overlay
  • Glitch
  • Noise
  • Vignette
  • White Balance

Q/ why this is better than the WorldEnvironment node?

the world environment node is not easy to use and at the same time it takes so much time to set up one effect those in it also there is some effect that you can't even set up in the world environment like "vignette" or "fog overly"

Q/ Would it also work in 3D?

yes you can use it like any control node and any control node will work in 3D

Q/ Is it all one shader or there is a stack of nodes with their own shaders?

it's a stack of nodes with their own shaders like that you can delete whatever the shader you don't want it also I can handle everything alone and add more effects easily

Q/ can I use it with animation player or tween node?

of course, you can :)

Q/ is it laggy?

I use it in core 2 due, 3g ram, nvidia quadro nvs 290 gpu and it's only got laggy when I use bloom

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