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The load-balancing and routing service for Terraria Servers

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Be aware that I am currently behind on some updates to Dimensions. Since the server I use this for (Dark Gaming) is not currently updated to run on the latest version, this means I don't get much real-world testing of the latest version of Dimensions. If you find an issue and would like to fix it, make a PR so it can be included for others. Once the server I use this for is updated to run on the latest version, then any remaining issues that arrived since 1.4.2+ will be resolved.

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Dimensions is: A routing service that can also load balance connections. For use with Terraria Servers.


Step 1: Install NodeJS

Follow the link and download either version. Later releases may offer better performance. https://nodejs.org/en/

Step 2: Install the Plugin

Download the plugin and put it in each Terraria Server for use with Dimensions

Step 3: Setting Up and Running

  • Download the latest release and extract it to its own folder
  • Open a cmd prompt/terminal at the folder and execute the command npm install --only=production (it may take a bit to finish)
  • Copy the file "config.js.example" and rename it to "config.js" and edit it to your specifications
  • OR follow the quickstart guide in the Config Wiki
  • To start Dimensions execute npm run start

Step 4 (Optional): Install Redis

If you do not need to have live reloading of modules / the configuration file then you do not need to do this step.

Download and install Redis for your OS

  • Windows: https://github.com/MSOpenTech/redis/releases

  • Linux: https://redis.io/topics/quickstart

  • Set enabled to true in the config for the redis option

  • To reload changes to the cmd handlers, packet handlers, config or extensions, without restarting Dimensions

    • Run node dimensions_cli.js
      • Reload Config: reload
      • Reload Command Handlers: reloadcmds
      • Reload Packet Handlers: reloadhandlers
      • Reload Extensions: reloadplugins
    • The responses for each command currently are only output by each Dimensions instance rather than in the CLI


  • Clone this repo
  • cd into the new directory
  • run npm install
  • There are a few scripts in the package.json
    • to build (and test) npm run build this will transpile the ts files to js, run the tests and put all output js files into a build directory
    • to build then run npm run bstart this will build and then run the index.js in the build directory
    • to start without building run npm run start

Dimensions uses the latest Typescript with strict checks enabled to help catch bugs. It is recommended that you modify the Typescript code instead of the transpiled javascript code. This will not only provide you with more safety regarding changes, but the original source is likely to be more understandable and you can merge changes from this repo using git.


To build an extension:


Thanks to all who have financially supported development:

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