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Pop!_OS is designed for people who use their computer to create; whether it’s complicated, professional grade software and products, sophisticated 3D models, computer science in academia, or makers working on their latest invention. The Pop! user interface stays out of the way while offering extensive customization to perfect your work flow. Built on Ubuntu, you have access to vast repositories of open source software and development tools.

Pop!_OS’s first release was on October 19th, 2017. For more information, visit the Pop!_OS website and view the Pop!_OS documentation.


The purpose of this repository is to allow easy management of all Pop!_OS related source code and assets. To view a list of all included repositories, see REPOS.md.

Binary packages are hosted in the Pop!_OS APT repositories. Many packages have source on GitHub under the Pop!_OS organization. Some related components or documentation may be hosted under the System76 organization.

Developer Resources

For instructions on how to build the shell:

Developer chat: https://chat.pop-os.org/pop-os/channels/development

Contributing to Pop!_OS

For instructions and guidelines to make changes in Pop!_OS, see CONTRIBUTING.md.


You must install the following packages to use this repository:

  • python3-launchpadlib


This repository contains the following commands:

  • scripts/clone - clone source code
  • scripts/debversion - show version of debian package
  • scripts/ignore - generate .gitignore
  • scripts/issues - show issues
  • scripts/launchpad - show PPA packages
  • scripts/prs - show pull requests
  • scripts/pull - update source code
  • scripts/readme - generate REPOS.md
  • scripts/validate - validate Pop!_OS source code for presence of LICENSE, README, and TESTING documentation
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