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Open source tools for Google Cloud Storage and Databases.


4 years ago
  • Upgrading to Apache Beam 2.7 and related dependency upgrades.
  • Deprecating serialized backup and restore format in favor of the preferred Avro format. Individuals who still need to use serialized functionality can download previous releases.


4 years ago
  • Backup and restore a Cloud Spanner database in Avro format.


5 years ago

Included in this 0.0.2 version is:

  • Improved documentation about latency and cost.
  • A fix for issue #67 which pertained to backup and restore of databases with arrays
  • Implementation of feature request in issue #69 which pertained to backing up on top of an existing backup


5 years ago

Included in this 0.0.1 version is:

Details on how to perform a backup and restore are available here.