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🍅 A good old cli based Pomodoro timer with native notifications

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🍅 pomd

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Just a good old cli based Pomodoro timer with native notifactions

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$ npm install -g pomd


$ yarn global add pomd

You can then run pomd from the terminal 🎉



To use, run pomd:

$ pomd

You can then type help to get all the options.

🍅 help
#  Commands:
#  help [command...]  Provides help for a given command.
#  exit               Exits application.
#  start [options]    Start a Pomodoro
#  stats              Show statistics from your Pomodoro sessions
🍅 help start
# Usage: start [options]

# Start a Pomodoro
# Options:
#   --help                 output usage information
#   -t, --time <time>      Set the time of the Pomodoro. Default is 25:00 minutes.
#   -c, --chill <chill>    Set the time of chill. Default is 5:00 minutes.
#   -r, --repeat <repeat>  Repeat Pomodero x times. Default is 1.
#   -l, --loop             Run Pomodoros forever.

You can then start Pomodoros of 20 minutes with 3 minutes break, repeated 6 times:

🍅 start --time 20:00 --chill 03:00 --repeat 6

The time can also be specified in a shorthand format:

🍅 start -t 20m -c 3m -r 6

Pomodero can run infinitely:

🍅 start -t 20m -c 3m --loop

You can also enter multiple time and chill parameters (e.g. Work 50 minutes, chill 10 minutes, work 50 minutes, chill 25 minutes, forever):

🍅 start -t 50m -c 10m -t 50m -c 25 -l


  1. Fork it and create your feature branch: git checkout -b my-new-feature
  2. Commit your changes: git commit -am 'Add some feature'
  3. Push to the branch: git push origin my-new-feature
  4. Submit a pull request



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