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A framework for making social media bots for multiple networks

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Polybot is a framework for making social media bots for multiple networks in Python 3.

It currently only supports post-only bots.


  • Automatically post to both Twitter and Mastodon.
  • A friendly setup interface to handle the OAuth hassle for you.
  • Automatic state persistence - just put your state in the self.state dict and it'll get saved/restored across runs.


from polybot import Bot

class HelloWorldBot(Bot):
  def main(self):
    self.post("Hello World")


To configure the accounts the bot uses, just run:

./helloworldbot.py --setup

You'll be guided through authenticating and a config file will be automatically created.

Use the --profile [name] to save and use a specific state/config.

By default, the bot will run in development mode, which avoids actually posting to networks. To run in live mode, pass the --live flag.

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