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An Emacs major mode for editing in pollen markup language

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An Emacs major mode for editing pollen file.

The major mode provides font locks for

  • malformed (dangling) command character
  • comment
  • tag functions

These files also provide

  • Key-bindings in a minor mode for editing pollen files.
  • A company-mode backend for tag function completions.

Editing assistance


Pollen mode makes it easy to insert lozenge. @ will be turned into lozenge. To insert @, press @ twice. The preceding lozenge will be turned into an @.

For the old behavior to insert the lozenge, (press @ and then TAB), remove the binding for @ and bind TAB to pollen-insert-tab-or-command-char.

Along with tag function completions (see below), it is easier to insert correct tag functions now.

Lozenge tag completion

Block editing

Pollen mode supports block editing. C-c C-c will put the block under cursor into another buffer for special editing. You can turn on any mode you want in the new buffer without interfering original one.

Block Editing

Editing preprocess file

Pollen mode makes it easy to edit pollen preprocess files too. Emacs already provides useful mode for the file that pollen is preprocessing. When opens pollen preprocess file, Emacs will automatically turn on pollen minor mode for the buffer, so that you won't lose any convenient key-bindings of its major mode.

Tag Function Completions

company-pollen is a company-mode backend for supporting identifier completions. It supports completing identifiers exported from pollen modules you're editing. The completion works even if you have nested directory as the completion facility respects pollen configuration search path.

Server Integration

pollen-mode also provides functions to start, stop and resume pollen server. Most of actions need just one keystroke once the server has started. Start the server by pollen-server-start, and follow instructions on the server window.

Pollen Server


This package is available on Melpa (M-x list-packages). Search for pollen-mode and company-pollen.

Advanced users can also download the source from https://github.com/lijunsong/pollen-mode


Installed via Melpa

If you've installed the package from Melpa, you're ready to go. Open pollen files, and Emacs loads pollen-mode automatically. The current supported files are

  • .pm
  • .pmd
  • .pp
  • .p

You can turn on minor mode to access the Lozenge in any other modes M-x pollen-minor-mode.

Installed from the Source

To use the major mode, minor mode, and pollen server, do

(require 'pollen-mode)

The company-mode

Company mode is not autoloaded. Regardless of how you install the package, you'll need to require the package first.

(require 'company-pollen)

Start Pollen Server

To start the server, run M-x pollen-server-start, and then the server buffer has indicator for your next step.

Feedbacks and feature requests are very welcome. I write with pollen-mode everyday and I'd like to hear your thoughts on how to improve our editing experience.

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