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The cross-platform (iOS, Android) mobile app for PokemonGo-Bot is a work in progress!

Login Screen


Checkout this repository, then cd to it.

  • cd PokemonGo-Bot-Mobile/mobile-app
  • npm install
  • bower install
  • gulp to build and preview app in a web browser

This project uses Ionic for programming the mobile app. The Ionic project files can be found in PokemonGo-Bot-Mobile/mobile-app.

The backend architecture is currently undecided. However, a simple proof-of-concept for a Python websocket server can be found in PokemonGo-Bot-Mobile/backend.

Testing on iOS/Android

The skeleton code for this project was generated with generator-m-ionic. See their development reference for the list of the gulp commands to build & emulate/run the code on iOS and Android devices. See Ionic's documentation & guide for details on how to use the Ionic framework.


To contribute, fork this repo. Make all development changes to the branch dev. After you've committed your code changes, push to your fork repo and make a pull request.


  • Google Authentication
  • PTC Authentication
  • API to communicate with Python
  • Google Map (the Google Maps API key included in index.html is for use in in development only on http://localhost)
  • Show sidemenu button & Google Map only when user is logged-in and authenticated
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