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:pencil2: Pointillisme tool based on Weighted Voronoi Stippling

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pointu is a tool to render images with points of varying sizes and colors in an artistic way. The implementation is based on Adrian Secord's 2002 paper entitled Weighted Voronoi Stippling. The name pointu is derived from pointillism, a painting technique in which points are used to form an image.


  1. Install Go
  2. Make sure that $GOPATH is set and that $GOPATH/bin has been added to the global path
  3. Run go get -u github.com/MaxHalford/pointu
  4. Run pointu -help to check that the installation was successful


pointu -in examples/originals/plant4h.png -out examples/processed/plant4h.png -points 5000
Original Processed
plant4h_original plant4h_processed
pointu -in examples/originals/plant2_400x400.png -out examples/processed/plant2_400x400.png -points 10000 -rmin 0.5 -rmax 0.5
Original Processed
plant2_400x400_original plant2_400x400_processed
pointu -in examples/originals/figure5_525x525.png -out examples/processed/figure5_525x525.png -points 3000 -rmax 2
Original Processed
figure5_525x525_original figure5_525x525_processed
pointu -in examples/originals/shoe_1300x1300_org.png -out examples/processed/shoe_1300x1300_org.png -points 5000 -iterations 100 -rmin 2 -rmax 3
Original Processed
shoe_1300x1300_org_original shoe_1300x1300_org_processed
pointu -in examples/originals/bird.jpg -out examples/processed/bird.png -points 60000 -iterations 15 -rmin 2 -rmax 3 -color
Original Processed
bird_original bird_processed
pointu -in examples/originals/pasta.jpg -out examples/processed/pasta.png -points 80000 -iterations 15 -rmin 2 -rmax 3 -resolution 4 -color
Original Processed
pasta_original pasta_processed


Run pointu -h to get a list of available parameters.

Implementation details

Please check out this blog post for some details on the implementation.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see the license file for more information.

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