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Translations editor for Mac, Windows and Unix


3 months ago
  • Compatibility fixes for wxWidgets 3.2 and latest ICU versions.
  • Updated bundled GNU gettext to 0.22.3.
  • Assorted UI improvements/fixes.


5 months ago
  • Improved QA checks for Chinese and Japanese.
  • Improved handling of multiple 100% matches from the TM as well as search accuracy.
  • Recognize all ISO 639 languages in the language-setting controls.
  • Fixed bug in selection handling introduced in 3.4.


6 months ago
  • Added support for syncing with Localazy translation platform.
  • Updated bundled GNU gettext to 0.22 and added support for its new features.
  • [macOS] Support for macOS 14 Sonoma; dropped support for macOS 10.13.
  • Assorted UI improvements/fixes.


9 months ago
  • Added support for WebExtension JSON files.
  • Fixed failure to extract from source code and malformed Plural-Forms warning.
  • Minor UI fixes.


11 months ago
  • Fixed catalog loosing source language information on update or similar manipulation.
  • [Windows] Fix crashes related to Lucene translation memory.


11 months ago
  • Added support for JSON translation files.
  • Added support for Flutter ARB translation files.
  • Added support for XLIFF 2.1.
  • Added ability to replace source text with another translation.


1 year ago
  • Fixed overzealous placeholders correctness check.
  • Updated bundled GNU gettext to 0.21.1.
  • [macOS] Minor fixes for Ventura.


1 year ago

This is a Linux/Unix-only release fixing a chmod/chown related regression in 3.2 - fixed in #772 by @super7ramp (thanks!)


1 year ago
  • Added QA warnings about incorrect use of placeholders.
  • Added format string highlighting for Objective-C, Qt, KDE, Lua, C# and Pascal.
  • Bugfixes.


1 year ago
  • [Linux] Fixed regression where recent files icons would sometimes be broken.
  • [Windows] Fixed incorrect detection of Edge vs MSIE for source code viewing.