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Podcast app made with Electron, lots of ❤️ and ☕️

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Poddycast [pre-release] :construction:

A Podcast app made with Electron because I love Podcasts.


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Table of Contents


Download the latest release from the release page.

Platform Support

  • macOS
  • Windows
  • Linux


  • Uses the iTunes API to search for Podcasts
  • Find all episodes in the New Episodes menu item
  • See all your Favorite Podcasts in one place
  • Browse through the History of podcasts you've already listened to
  • See some Statistics
  • Manage Playlists for custom playback
  • OPML Import & Export
  • Dark mode
  • Speedy playback
  • Keyboard shortcuts for audio player actions
  • Proxy mode for company environments
  • Internatialization

All New Episodes

New Episodes Screenshot

Browse Podcast Feeds

Browse Podcast Feed Screenshot

Edit Playlists

Edit Playlist Screenshot


I'm always happy to help, and discuss new features. Please use any of these contact options to get in touch.
You'll also find more useful stuff about the app, like tutorial and blogposts. ?

I'd be happy to hear from you guys ?

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