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Pokemon Online Server scripts.js and tiers.xml

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This repository contains scripts.js and tiers.xml used in Pokemon Online Server.

*** Installation instructions ***

Download as .zip (https://github.com/po-devs/po-server-goodies/zipball/master) or tarball, extract into the same folder with Pokemon-Online server executable. Note: some builds on Windows systems (2.0.0x) are missing the SSL libraries making the scripts impossible to reload from Github. (/updatescripts, /updatetiers etc.)

Forking the repo is recommended as these scripts contain hardcoded configuration parameters only suitable for the server we are running.

*** Guidelines for contributors ***

DON'T USE THE TAB CHARACTER. The scripts use 4 spaces and the mix of tab and spaces is what causes the formatting issues at times. You can set Notepad++ to use 4 spaces when the tab key is hit though if you use that to edit. Settings->Preferences->Tab Settings Set it to "Tab Size: 4" and tick the "Replace by space" box

Using jshint for checking some coding style is recommended. In particular, following practices are frowned upon:

  • tab character when indenting (see above)
  • trailing whitespace
  • undefined variables (always use var in the outermost scope for that variable)

Full list of contributors here: https://github.com/po-devs/po-server-goodies/graphs/contributors

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