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This is a script that will create bogus tips to, a Texan anonymous tip line for reporting abortions. Hopefully these fake tips help make the system useless.

This script has been used to create the app ProLife Buster which allows users to supply bogus stories which will be automatically spammed.

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NOTICE: As of Sep 2, 2021, there is an ongoing issue where the form is not consistently loading for many people. Subsequently, if the the form does not load for you, the script will fail, as it cannot find the form. We are not sure if this issue is because the form has been taken down permanently or because they are overwhelmed/in maintenance, only time will tell.


Install Node.js and NPM from

Clone the repository with git clone and cd into it.

Install dependencies

npm install


Running the script

There's two way of running the script.

The website appears to be firewalled for many. In most cases, it's recommended that you simply use a VPN to get around it, which serves two purposes: It allows you to get around the firewall, and it prevents their system from "blacklisting" your IP.

Therefore, if the firewall is not a problem to you, simply run...

node .

Otherwise, if you are being firewalled and don't have a VPN, use to access the website at

Once you do that, you can run the script to give you a bogus story in text format, which you can copy/paste onto the website yourself, like so:

node . text

Modifying the dataset

Modifying the dataset is crucial. It is technically very easy for the website maintainers to find the template answers published here and clean it from their database. Therefore it's recommended that upon cloning this repo for usage, you replace the existing template answers with your own answers. All data is generated and pulled from ./answer_generator and is easily modifiable.


Feel free to contribute by adding more fake answers and improving the execution of the script.

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