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My Solutions to Leetcode problems. All solutions support C++ language, some support Java and Python. Multiple solutions will be given by most problems. Enjoy:) 我的Leetcode解答。所有的问题都支持C++语言,一部分问题支持Java语言。近乎所有问题都会提供多个算法解决。大家加油!:)

Project README

My solutions to Leetcode

I will put my solutions to Leetcode Problems in this repo. Every problem will be solved in C++; part of the problems will be solved in Java also. I will try my best to support more language in the future :)

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions with this repo:)

email: [email protected]

大家好,欢迎大家来到我的 Leetcode 算法题解代码仓。在这个代码仓中,近乎每一个问题都会使用多种方式进行解决,同时标注了简明的算法思想,时间复杂度和空间复杂度。所有问题都会使用C++进行解决,各别问题支持Java语言和Python语言。


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知乎: 刘宇波








ID Problem Official
C++ Java Python
001 Two Sum solution C++ Java
002 Add Two Numbers solution C++
003 Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters solution C++ Java
004 Median of Two Sorted Arrays solution C++ Java
005 Longest Palindromic Substring solution C++
006 Zigzag Conversion solution C++
007 Reverse Integer solution C++
008 String to Integer (atoi) solution C++
010 Regular Expression Matching solution C++
011 Container With Most Water solution C++
012 Integer to Roman [无] C++
013 Roman to Integer [无] C++
014 Longest Common Prefix [无] C++
015 3Sum [无] C++
016 3Sum Closest [无] C++
017 Letter Combinations of a Phone Number solution C++ Java
018 4Sum [无] C++
019 Remove Nth Node From End of List solution C++ Java
020 Valid Parentheses solution C++ Java
021 Merge Two Sorted Lists solution C++
022 Generate Parentheses solution C++ Java Python
023 Merge k Sorted Lists solution C++
024 Swap Nodes in Pairs [无] C++ Java
025 Reverse Nodes in k-Group [无] C++
026 Remove Duplicates from Sorted Array solution C++
027 Remove Element solution C++
028 Implement strStr() [无]
[缺:完整BM算法, 其他模式匹配算法]
029 Divide Two Integers solution
030 Substring with Concatenation of All Words solution C++
031 Next Permutation solution C++
033 Search in Rotated Sorted Array solution C++
034 Search for a Range solution C++
035 Search Insert Position solution C++
036 Valid Sudoku solution C++
037 Sudoku Solver solution
[缺:Dancing Links]
C++ C++
038 Count and Say [无] C++
039 Combination Sum [无] C++
040 Combination Sum II [无] C++
041 First Missing Positive solution C++
042 Trapping Rain Water solution C++
043 Multiply Strings solution C++
045 Jump Game II solution C++
046 Permutations solution
C++ Java
047 Permutations II [无] C++
048 Rotate Image solution C++
049 Group Anagrams solution C++
050 Pow(x, n) [无] C++
051 N-Queens [缺:N皇后问题整理] C++ Java
052 N-Queens II solution
053 Maximum Subarray solution C++
054 Spiral Matrix solution C++
055 Jump Game solution C++
056 Merge Intervals solution C++
058 Length of Last Word solution C++
059 Spiral Matrix II [无] C++
061 Rotate List solution C++
062 Unique Paths [无]
063 Unique Paths II solution C++
064 Minimum Path Sum solution C++ Java Python
065 Valid Number solution C++
066 Plus One [无] C++
067 Add Binary [无] C++
068 Text Justification [无] C++
069 Sqrt(x) [无] C++
070 Climbing Stairs solution C++ Java
071 Simplify Path [无] C++
072 Edit Distance solution C++
073 Set Matrix Zeroes solution C++
074 Search a 2D Matrix [无] C++
075 Sort Colors solution C++ Java Python
076 Minimum Window Substring solution C++
077 Combinations solution C++ Java
078 Subsets solution C++
079 Word Search [无] C++ Java
080 Remove Duplicates from Sorted Array II [无] C++
081 Search in Rotated Sorted Array II solution C++
082 Remove Duplicates from Sorted List II [无] C++
083 Remove Duplicates from Sorted List [无] C++
084 Largest Rectangle in Histogram solution 题解 C++
085 Maximal Rectangle solution C++
086 Partition List solution C++
087 Scramble String [无] C++
088 Merge Sorted Array solution C++ Java
089 Gray Code [无] C++
090 Subsets II [无] C++
091 Decode Ways [无] C++
092 Reverse Linked List II solution C++
093 Restore IP Addresses solution C++
094 Binary Tree Inorder Traversal solution C++ Java
095 Unique Binary Search Trees II solution C++
096 Unique Binary Search Trees solution C++
097 Interleaving String solution
098 Validate Binary Search Tree solution C++ Java
099 Recover Binary Search Tree [无] Java
100 Same Tree solution C++
101 Symmetric Tree solution C++ Python
102 Binary Tree Level Order Traversal solution C++ Java
103 Binary Tree Zigzag Level Order Traversal [无] C++
104 Maximum Depth of Binary Tree solution C++ Java
105 Construct Binary Tree from Preorder and Inorder Traversal solution C++
106 Construct Binary Tree from Inorder and Postorder Traversal [无] C++
107 Binary Tree Level Order Traversal II [无] C++
108 Convert Sorted Array to Binary Search Tree [无] C++
109 Convert Sorted List to Binary Search Tree solution C++
110 Balanced Binary Tree solution C++
111 Minimum Depth of Binary Tree solution C++
112 Path Sum solution C++ Java
113 Path Sum II [无] C++
114 Flatten Binary Tree to Linked List solution C++
115 Distinct Subsequences [无] C++ Java
116 Populating Next Right Pointers in Each Node [无] C++
117 Populating Next Right Pointers in Each Node II [无] C++
118 Pascal's Triangle solution C++
119 Pascal's Triangle II [无] C++
120 Triangle [无] C++
121 Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock C++
122 Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock II solution C++
123 Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock III C++
124 Binary Tree Maximum Path Sum solution C++
125 Valid Palindrome [无] C++
126 Word Ladder II [无]
127 Word Ladder solution C++ Java
128 Longest Consecutive Sequence C++
129 Sum Root to Leaf Numbers [无] C++
130 Surrounded Regions [无] C++
131 Palindrome Partitioning solution
132 Palindrome Partitioning II [无] C++
133 Clone Graph [无] C++
134 Gas Station solution C++
135 Candy solution
136 Single Number solution C++
137 Single Number II solution C++
138 Copy List with Random Pointer solution C++
139 Word Break solution C++
141 Linked List Cycle solution C++
142 Linked List Cycle II solution C++
143 Reorder List [无] C++
144 Binary Tree Preorder Traversal solution C++ Java
145 Binary Tree Postorder Traversal solution C++ Java
146 LRU Cache solution
[缺:封装一个Double Linked List]
147 Insertion Sort List [无] C++
148 Sort List [无] C++
149 Max Points on a Line solution C++
150 Evaluate Reverse Polish Notation [无] C++
151 Reverse Words in a String [无] C++
152 Maximum Product Subarray solution
C++ Python
153 Find Minimum in Rotated Sorted Array solution C++
155 Min Stack [无] C++
159 Longest Substring with At Most Two Distinct Characters solution C++
160 Intersection of Two Linked Lists solution C++
161 One Edit Distance solution C++
162 Find Peak Element solution C++
163 Missing Ranges solution C++
164 Maximum Gap solution
165 Compare Version Numbers solution C++
166 Fraction to Recurring Decimal solution C++
167 Two Sum II - Input array is sorted solution C++ Java
168 Excel Sheet Column Title [无] C++
169 Majority Element solution C++ Python
170 Two Sum III - Data structure design [无] C++
171 Excel Sheet Column Number [无] C++
172 Factorial Trailing Zeroes solution C++
173 Binary Search Tree Iterator [无]
174 Dungeon Game solution C++
175 Database Problem: Link - - - -
176 Database Problem: Link - - - -
179 Largest Number [无] C++
181 Database Problem: Link - - - -
184 Database Problem: Link - - - -
186 Reverse Words in a String II [无] C++
188 Best-Time-to-Buy-and-Sell-Stock-IV C++
189 Rotate Array solution C++
190 Reverse Bits solution C++
191 Number of 1 Bits solution C++
196 Database Problem: Link - - - -
197 Database Problem: Link - - - -
198 House Robber solution C++ Java
199 Binary Tree Right Side View solution C++
200 Number of Islands solution C++ Java
201 Bitwise AND of Numbers Range solution C++
202 Happy Number solution C++
203 Remove Linked List Elements [无] C++ Java
204 Count Primes [无] C++
205 Isomorphic Strings [无] C++
206 Reverse Linked List solution C++ Java
207 Course Schedule [无] C++
208 Implement Trie (Prefix Tree) solution C++
209 Minimum Size Subarray Sum solution C++ Java
210 Course Schedule II solution C++
211 Add and Search Word - Data structure design [无] C++ Java
212 Word Search II [无] C++
213 House Robber II [无] C++
215 Kth Largest Element in an Array solution C++
216 Combination Sum III [无] C++
217 Contains Duplicate [无] C++
218 The Skyline Problem C++
219 Contains Duplicate II solution C++ Java
220 Contains Duplicate III solution C++ Java
221 Maximal Square solution C++ Python
222 Count Complete Tree Nodes [无] C++
223 Rectangle Area [无] C++
224 Basic Calculator [无] C++
225 Implement Stack using Queues solution C++
226 Invert Binary Tree solution C++ Java Python
227 Basic Calculator II [无] C++
228 Summary Ranges solution C++
229 Majority Element II solution
[缺:BM Voting]
230 Kth Smallest Element in a BST solution
231 Power of Two solution C++
232 Implement Queue using Stacks solution C++
233 Number of Digit One solution
234 Palindrome Linked List [无] C++
235 Lowest Common Ancestor of a Binary Search Tree solution C++ Java
236 Lowest Common Ancestor of a Binary Tree solution
237 Delete Node in a Linked List solution C++ Java
238 Product of Array Except Self solution C++ Python
239 Sliding Window Maximum solution C++
240 Search a 2D Matrix II solution
241 Different Ways to Add Parentheses [无] C++
242 Valid Anagram solution C++
243 Shortest Word Distance solution C++
244 Shortest Word Distance II solution C++
245 Shortest Word Distance III [无] C++
246 Strobogrammatic Number solution C++
247 Strobogrammatic Number II [无] C++
248 Strobogrammatic Number III [无] C++
249 Group Shifted Strings [无] C++
250 Count Univalue Subtrees solution C++
251 Flatten 2D Vector solution C++
252 Meeting Rooms solution C++
253 Meeting Rooms II solution C++
254 Factor Combinations [无] C++
256 Paint House [无] C++
257 Binary Tree Paths solution C++ Java
258 Add Digits solution C++
259 3Sum Smaller solution C++
260 Single Number III solution C++
261 Graph Valid Tree C++
263 Ugly Number [无] C++
264 Ugly Number II solution C++
265 Paint House II C++
266 Palindrome Permutation solution C++
267 Palindrome Permutation II solution C++
268 Missing Number solution C++
269 Alien Dictionary solution C++
273 Integer to English Words solution C++
274 H-Index solution
275 H-Index II solution C++
276 Paint Fence solution C++
277 Find the Celebrity solution
[缺:O(n) 解法]
278 First Bad Version solution C++
279 Perfect Squares [无]
C++ Java
282 Expression Add Operators solution C++
283 Move Zeroes solution C++ Java
284 Peeking Iterator solution C++
285 Inorder Successor in BST [无]
286 Walls and Gates solution C++
287 Find the Duplicate Number C++
288 Unique Word Abbreviation solution C++
289 Game of Life solution C++
290 Word Pattern [无] C++
292 Nim Game solution C++
295 Find Median from Data Stream [无] C++
296 Best Meeting Point solution C++
297 Serialize and Deserialize Binary Tree solution C++
298 Binary Tree Longest Consecutive Sequence solution C++
299 Bulls and Cows solution C++
300 Longest Increasing Subsequence solution C++ Java
301 0301-Remove-Invalid-Parentheses solution
303 Range Sum Query - Immutable C++
304 Range Sum Query 2D - Immutable solution C++
306 Additive Number [无] C++
307 Range Sum Query - Mutable [缺:BIT] C++
308 Range Sum Query 2D - Mutable C++
309 Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock with Cooldown solution C++
310 Minimum Height Trees solution C++
312 Burst Balloons solution 题解 C++
313 Super Ugly Number [无] C++
314 Binary Tree Vertical Order Traversal [无] C++
315 Count of Smaller Numbers After Self [无] C++
316 Remove Duplicate Letters solution C++
317 Shortest Distance from All Buildings solution C++
318 Maximum Product of Word Lengths solution C++
319 Bulb Switcher [无] C++
321 Create Maximum Number [无] C++
322 Coin Change solution C++
323 Number of Connected Components in an Undirected Graph solution C++
324 Wiggle Sort II [无] C++
325 Maximum Size Subarray Sum Equals k solution C++
326 Power of Three solution C++
328 Odd Even Linked List solution C++
329 Longest Increasing Path in a Matrix solution C++
330 Patching Array [无] C++
331 Verify Preorder Serialization of a Binary Tree solution C++
332 Reconstruct Itinerary solution C++
334 Increasing Triplet Subsequence solution C++
335 Self Crossing [无] C++
336 Palindrome Pairs solution C++
337 House Robber III [无] C++
338 Counting Bits solution C++
339 Nested List Weight Sum [无] C++
340 Longest Substring with At Most K Distinct Characters solution C++
341 Flatten Nested List Iterator [无] C++
342 Power of Four solution C++
343 Integer Break [无] C++ Java
344 Reverse String [无] C++
345 Reverse Vowels of a String [无] C++
346 Moving Average from Data Stream [无] C++
347 Top K Frequent Elements solution C++ Java
348 Find Winner on a Tic Tac Toe Game [无] C++
349 Intersection of Two Arrays solution C++ Java
350 Intersection of Two Arrays II [无] C++ Java
352 Data Stream as Disjoint Intervals [无] C++
354 Russian Doll Envelopes solution C++
357 Count Numbers with Unique Digits [无] C++
359 Logger Rate Limiter [无] C++
360 Sort Transformed Array [无] C++
362 Design Hit Counter [无] C++
363 Max Sum of Rectangle No Larger Than K [无] C++
364 Nested List Weight Sum II [无] C++
365 Water and Jug Problem 题解
366 Find Leaves of Binary Tree solution C++
367 Valid Perfect Square solution C++
368 Largest Divisible Subset solution C++
369 Plus One Linked List solution C++
370 Range Addition C++
372 Super Pow [无] C++
373 Find K Pairs with Smallest Sums [无] C++
374 Guess Number Higher or Lower solution C++
375 Guess Number Higher or Lower II [无] C++
376 Wiggle Subsequence solution C++
[缺:DP;O(1) 空间贪心]
377 Combination Sum IV [无] C++
378 Kth Smallest Element in a Sorted Matrix [无] C++
380 Insert Delete GetRandom O(1) [无] C++
381 Insert Delete GetRandom O(1) - Duplicates allowed [无] C++
382 Linked List Random Node [无] C++
383 Ransom Note solution C++
384 Shuffle an Array solution C++
385 Mini Parser [无] C++
386 Lexicographical Numbers C++
387 First Unique Character in a String solution C++ Java
388 Longest Absolute File Path C++
389 Find the Difference C++
390 Elimination Game C++
391 Perfect Rectangle [缺:矩形求交] C++
392 Is Subsequence [无] C++
393 UTF-8 Validation solution C++
394 Decode String [无] C++
395 Longest Substring with At Least K Repeating Characters solution
396 Rotate Function [无] C++
397 Integer Replacement [无] C++
398 Random Pick Index [无] C++
399 Evaluate Division solution
400 Nth Digit [无] C++
401 Binary Watch [无] C++
402 Remove K Digits solution 题解 C++
403 Frog Jump solution
404 Sum of Left Leaves [无] C++
405 Convert a Number to Hexadecimal [无] C++
406 Queue Reconstruction by Height [无] C++
407 Trapping Rain Water II [无] C++
410 Split Array Largest Sum solution 题解 C++
412 Fizz Buzz solution C++
413 Arithmetic Slices solution C++
414 Third Maximum Number [无] C++
415 Add Strings solution C++
416 Partition Equal Subset Sum [无] C++ Java
417 Pacific Atlantic Water Flow C++ Java
419 Battleships in a Board [无] C++
420 Strong Password Checker [无] C++
421 Maximum XOR of Two Numbers in an Array solution C++
423 Reconstruct Original Digits from English solution C++
424 Longest Repeating Character Replacement [无] C++
426 Convert Binary Search Tree to Sorted Doubly Linked List solution C++
427 Construct Quad Tree [无] C++
429 N-ary Tree Level Order Traversal [无] C++
430 Flatten a Multilevel Doubly Linked List [无] C++
431 Encode N-ary Tree to Binary Tree solution C++
432 All O one Data Structure [无] [缺:O(1)] C++
433 Minimum Genetic Mutation [无] C++
434 Number of Segments in a String [无] C++
435 Non-overlapping Intervals solution C++ Java
436 Find Right Interval [无] C++
437 Path Sum III [无] C++ Java
438 Find All Anagrams in a String [无] C++
439 Ternary Expression Parser [无] C++
440 K-th Smallest in Lexicographical Order [无] [缺:更简单的实现] C++
441 Arranging Coins solution C++
442 Find All Duplicates in an Array solution C++
443 String Compression C++
444 Sequence Reconstruction [无] C++
445 Add Two Numbers II [无] C++
446 Arithmetic Slices II - Subsequence solution C++
447 Number of Boomerangs [无] C++ Java
448 Find All Numbers Disappeared in an Array solution C++
449 Serialize and Deserialize BST solution C++
450 Delete Node in a BST solution C++
451 Sort Characters By Frequency [无] C++ Java
452 Minimum Number of Arrows to Burst Balloons solution C++
453 Minimum Moves to Equal Array Elements solution C++
454 4Sum II [无] C++ Java
455 Assign Cookies [无] C++ Java
456 132 Pattern solution
[缺:O(n) 单调栈算法]
457 Circular Array Loop [无] C++
458 Poor Pigs solution C++
461 Hamming Distance solution C++
462 Minimum Moves to Equal Array Elements II solution C++
463 Island Perimeter solution C++
464 Can I Win [无] C++
467 Unique Substrings in Wraparound String [无] C++
468 Validate IP Address [无] C++
470 Implement Rand10() Using Rand7() solution C++
472 Concatenated Words [无] C++
473 Matchsticks to Square solution C++
474 Ones and Zeroes solution C++
475 Heaters [无] C++
476 Number Complement solution C++
477 Total Hamming Distance solution 题解 C++
478 Generate Random Point in a Circle solution C++
479 Largest Palindrome Product [无] C++
480 Sliding Window Median [无]
481 Magical String [无] C++
482 License Key Formatting [无] C++
483 Smallest Good Base [无] C++
484 Find Permutation solution C++
485 Max Consecutive Ones [无] C++
487 Max Consecutive Ones II [无] C++
488 Zuma Game [无] C++
489 Robot Room Cleaner solution C++
490 The Maze solution C++
492 Construct the Rectangle [无] C++
494 Target Sum solution C++
495 Teemo Attacking solution C++
496 Next Greater Element I solution C++
497 Random Point in Non-overlapping Rectangles solution C++
498 Diagonal Traverse [无] C++
500 Keyboard Row [无] C++
501 Find Mode in Binary Search Tree [无] C++
502 IPO solution C++
503 Next Greater Element II solution C++
504 Base 7 [无] C++
505 The Maze II solution C++
506 Relative Ranks [无] C++
507 Perfect Number solution C++
508 Most Frequent Subtree Sum [无] C++
509 Fibonacci Number [无] C++
510 Inorder Successor in BST II [无] C++
511 Database Problem: Link - - - -
513 Find Bottom Left Tree Value [无] C++
515 Find Largest Value in Each Tree Row [无] C++
516 Longest Palindromic Subsequence [无] C++
517 Super Washing Machines solution C++
518 Coin Change 2 [无] C++
519 Random Flip Matrix solution C++
520 Detect Capital solution C++
521 Longest Uncommon Subsequence I solution C++
522 Longest Uncommon Subsequence II solution C++
523 Continuous Subarray Sum [无] C++
524 Longest Word in Dictionary through Deleting solution C++
525 Contiguous Array solution 题解 C++
526 Beautiful Arrangement solution C++
527 Word Abbreviation solution C++
528 Random Pick with Weight solution C++
529 Minesweeper [无] C++
530 Minimum Absolute Difference in BST [无] Java
531 Lonely Pixel I [无] C++
532 K-diff Pairs in an Array solution C++
533 Lonely Pixel II [无] C++
536 Construct Binary Tree from String solution
537 Complex Number Multiplication solution C++
538 Convert BST to Greater Tree solution C++
539 Minimum Time Difference [无] C++
540 Single Element in a Sorted Array solution C++
541 Reverse String II solution C++
542 01 Matrix solution C++
543 Diameter of Binary Tree solution C++
546 Remove Boxes solution C++
547 Number of Provinces solution C++
549 Binary Tree Longest Consecutive Sequence II solution C++
551 Student Attendance Record I solution C++
552 Student Attendance Record II solution C++
553 Optimal Division solution
[缺:O(n) 解法]
554 Brick Wall solution C++
556 Next Greater Element III solution
557 Reverse Words in a String III solution C++
558 Logical OR of Two Binary Grids Represented as Quad-Trees [无] C++
559 Maximum Depth of N-ary Tree solution C++
560 Subarray Sum Equals K solution C++
561 Array Partition I solution C++
563 Binary Tree Tilt solution C++
564 Find the Closest Palindrome [无] C++
565 Array Nesting solution C++
566 Reshape the Matrix solution C++
567 Permutation in String solution 题解 C++
570 Database Problem: Link - - - -
572 Subtree of Another Tree solution C++
573 Squirrel Simulation solution C++
575 Distribute Candies solution C++
576 Out of Boundary Paths solution C++
580 Database Problem: Link - - - -
581 Shortest Unsorted Continuous Subarray solution
582 Kill Process solution C++
583 Delete Operation for Two Strings solution C++
584 Database Problem: Link - - - -
586 Database Problem: Link - - - -
587 Erect the Fence solution 题解
589 N-ary Tree Preorder Traversal solution C++
590 N-ary Tree Postorder Transversal solution C++
591 Tag Validator solution C++
592 Fraction Addition and Subtraction [无] C++
593 Valid Square solution C++
594 Longest Harmonious Subsequence solution C++
595 Database Problem: Link - - - -
598 Range Addition II C++
599 Minimum Index Sum of Two Lists solution C++
600 Non-negative Integers without Consecutive Ones solution
[缺:Bit Manipulation]
605 Can Place Flowers solution C++
606 Construct String from Binary Tree solution C++
607 Database Problem: Link - - - -
608 Database Problem: Link - - - -
609 Find Duplicate File in System solution C++
611 Valid Triangle Number solution C++
617 Merge Two Binary Trees C++
619 Database Problem: Link - - - -
621 Task Scheduler solution C++
622 Design Circular Queue [无] C++
623 Add One Row to Tree solution C++
627 Database Problem: Link - - - -
628 Maximum Product of Three Numbers solution C++
629 K-Inverse-Pairs-Array solution
[缺:其他 dp 优化思路]
630 Course Schedule III solution C++
632 Smallest Range Covering Elements from K Lists solution C++
633 Sum of Square Numbers C++
636 Exclusive Time of Functions [无] C++
637 Average of Levels in Binary Tree solution C++
638 Shopping Offers solution C++
639 Decode Ways II solution
640 Solve the Equation [无] C++
642 Design Search Autocomplete System [无] C++
643 Maximum Average Subarray I solution C++
644 Maximum Average Subarray II solution C++
645 Set Mismatch solution
[缺:空间 O(1) 解法]
646 Maximum Length of Pair Chain solution C++
647 Palindromic Substrings solution C++
648 Replace Words [无] C++
649 Dota2 Senate solution
650 2 Keys Keyboard solution C++
652 Find Duplicate Subtrees solution C++
653 Two Sum IV - Input is a BST [无] C++
654 Maximum Binary Tree solution C++
655 Print Binary Tree [无] C++
658 Find K Closest Elements solution
659 Split Array into Consecutive Subsequences solution C++
661 Image Smoother [无] C++
662 Maximum Width of Binary Tree solution C++
664 Strange Printer solution C++
665 Non-decreasing Array solution C++
666 Path Sum IV solution C++
667 Beautiful Arrangement II solution C++
668 Kth Smallest Number in Multiplication Table solution C++
669 Trim a Binary Search Tree solution C++
670 Maximum Swap [无] C++
671 Second Minimum Node In a Binary Tree solution C++
672 Bulb Switcher II solution C++
673 Number of Longest Increasing Subsequence [缺:BIT;线段树] C++
674 Longest Continuous Increasing Subsequence C++
675 Cut Off Trees for Golf Event [缺:A*;Hadlock's Algo] C++
676 Implement Magic Dictionary solution C++
677 Map Sum Pairs solution C++
678 Valid Parenthesis String solution C++
679 24 Game solution C++
680 Valid Palindrome II [无] C++
682 Baseball Game solution C++
684 Redundant Connection solution C++
685 Redundant Connection II solution C++
686 Repeated String Match [无] C++
687 Longest Univalue Path solution C++
688 Knight Probability in Chessboard solution C++
689 Maximum Sum of 3 Non-Overlapping Subarrays solution C++
690 Employee Importance solution C++
691 Stickers to Spell Word [无] C++
692 Top K Frequent Words solution C++
693 Binary Number with Alternating Bits [无] C++
694 Number of Distinct Islands [review: hash的方式] C++
695 Max-Area-of-Island C++
696 Count Binary Substrings C++
697 Degree of an Array C++
698 Partition to K Equal Sum Subsets C++ Java
699 Falling Squares [缺:线段树;块状链表] C++
700 Search in a Binary Search Tree solution C++
701 Insert into a Binary Search Tree solution C++
703 Kth Largest Element in a Stream [无] C++
704 Binary Search solution C++
705 Design HashSet [无] C++
706 Design HashMap [无] C++
707 Design Linked List [无] C++
708 Insert into a Cyclic Sorted List [无] C++
709 To Lower Case solution C++
710 Random Pick with Blacklist solution C++
711 Number of Distinct Islands II [review: hash的方式] C++
712 Minimum ASCII Delete Sum for Two Strings C++
713 Subarray Product Less Than K C++
714 Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock with Transaction Fee C++
715 Range Module [缺:set查找] C++
716 Max Stack solution C++
717 1-bit and 2-bit Characters C++
718 Maximum Length of Repeated Subarray [缺:Rolling Hash] C++
719 Find K-th Smallest Pair Distance solution C++
720 Longest Word in Dictionary solution C++
721 Accounts Merge solution C++
722 Remove Comments solution C++
723 Candy Crush solution C++
724 Find Pivot Index solution C++
725 Split Linked List in Parts solution C++
726 Number of Atoms solution C++
727 Minimum Window Subsequence solution C++
728 Self Dividing Numbers solution C++
729 My Calendar I solution C++
730 Count Different Palindromic Subsequences [无] C++
731 My Calendar II solution C++
732 My Calendar III solution C++
733 Flood Fill solution C++
734 Sentence Similarity solution C++
735 Asteroid Collision solution C++
736 Parse Lisp Expression solution C++
737 Sentence Similarity II solution C++
739 Daily Temperatures solution C++
740 Delete and Earn solution C++
741 Cherry Pickup solution
745 Prefix and Suffix Search solution C++
746 Min Cost Climbing Stairs solution C++
747 Largest Number At Least Twice of Others solution C++
749 Contain Virus [无] C++
752 Open the Lock solution C++
753 Cracking the Safe [无] C++
754 Reach a Number Solution C++
757 Set Intersection Size At Least Two [无] C++
761 Special Binary String solution C++
762 Prime Number of Set Bits in Binary Representation [无] C++
763 Partition Labels [无] C++
764 Largest Plus Sign C++
765 Couples Holding Hands solution C++
766 Toeplitz Matrix solution C++
771 Jewels and Stones solution C++
772 Basic Calculator III [无] C++
774 Minimize Max Distance to Gas Station solution C++
775 Global and Local Inversions C++
779 K-th Symbol in Grammar [无] C++
780 Reaching Points solution C++
781 Rabbits in Forest solution C++
782 Transform to Chessboard solution C++
783 Minimum Distance Between BST Nodes solution C++
784 Letter Case Permutation solution C++
785 Is Graph Bipartite? solution C++
786 K-th Smallest Prime Fraction solution
787 Cheapest Flights Within K Stops solution
788 Rotated Digits solution C++
789 Escape The Ghosts solution C++
790 Domino and Tromino Tiling solution
791 Custom Sort String solution C++
792 Number of Matching Subsequences solution C++
793 Preimage Size of Factorial Zeroes Function solution C++
794 Valid Tic-Tac-Toe State solution C++
795 Number of Subarrays with Bounded Maximum solution C++
796 Rotate String solution
[缺:Rolling Hash]
797 All Paths From Source to Target solution C++
798 Smallest Rotation with Highest Score solution
[缺:O(n) 解法]
799 Champagne Tower solution C++
800 Similar RGB Color solution C++
802 Find Eventual Safe States solution C++
803 Bricks Falling When Hit [无] C++
804 Unique Morse Code Words solution C++
805 Split Array With Same Average solution C++
806 Number of Lines To Write String solution C++
807 Max Increase to Keep City Skyline solution C++
809 Expressive Words solution C++
810 Chalkboard XOR Game solution C++
811 Subdomain Visit Count solution C++
814 Binary Tree Pruning solution C++
815 Bus Routes solution C++
817 Linked List Components solution C++
819 Most Common Word solution C++
823 Binary Trees With Factors solution C++
824 Goat Latin [无] C++
825 Friends Of Appropriate Ages [无] C++
827 Making A Large Island [无] C++
828 Count Unique Characters of All Substrings of a Given String [无] C++
829 Consecutive Numbers Sum [无] C++
830 Positions of Large Groups solution C++
832 Flipping an Image solution C++
834 Sum of Distances in Tree solution C++
835 Image Overlap [无] C++
838 Push Dominoes solution C++
839 Similar String Groups solution
841 Keys and Rooms solution C++
842 Split Array into Fibonacci Sequence solution C++
844 Backspace String Compare solution C++
846 Hand of Straights [无] C++
847 Shortest Path Visiting All Nodes [无] C++
848 Shifting Letters [无] C++
849 Maximize Distance to Closest Person [无] C++
850 Rectangle Area II solution C++
851 Loud and Rich solution C++
852 Peak Index in a Mountain Array solution C++
853 Car Fleet solution C++
854 K-Similar Strings solution C++
855 Exam Room solution C++
856 Score of Parentheses solution C++
857 Minimum Cost to Hire K Workers solution
858 Mirror Reflection solution C++
859 Buddy Strings solution C++
860 Lemonade Change solution C++
861 Score After Flipping Matrix solution C++
863 All Nodes Distance K in Binary Tree solution C++
864 Shortest Path to Get All Keys solution
865 Smallest Subtree with all the Deepest Nodes solution C++
866 Prime Palindrome solution C++
867 Transpose Matrix solution C++
868 Binary Gap solution C++
869 Reordered Power of 2 solution C++
870 Advantage Shuffle solution C++
871 Minimum Number of Refueling Stops solution 题解 C++
872 Leaf-Similar Trees solution C++
873 Length of Longest Fibonacci Subsequence solution C++
874 Walking-Robot-Simulation solution C++
875 Koko Eating Bananas solution C++
876 Middle of the Linked List solution C++
877 Stone Game solution C++
878 Nth Magical Number solution C++
879 Profitable Schemes solution C++
880 Decoded String at Index solution C++
881 Boats to Save People solution C++
882 Reachable Nodes In Subdivided Graph solution C++
883 Projection Area of 3D Shapes solution C++
884 Uncommon Words from Two Sentences solution C++
885 Spiral Matrix III solution C++
886 Possible Bipartition solution C++
888 Fair Candy Swap solution C++
889 Construct Binary Tree from Preorder and Postorder Traversal solution C++
890 Find and Replace Pattern solution C++
891 Sum of Subsequence Widths solution C++
892 Surface Area of 3D Shapes solution C++
893 Groups of Special-Equivalent Strings solution C++
894 All Possible Full Binary Trees solution C++
895 Maximum Frequency Stack solution C++
896 Monotonic Array solution C++ Python
897 Increasing Order Search Tree solution C++
898 Bitwise ORs of Subarrays solution C++
899 Orderly Queue solution C++
900 RLE Iterator solution C++
901 Online Stock Span solution C++
902 Numbers At Most N Given Digit Set solution C++
903 Valid Permutations for DI Sequence solution
[缺:O(n^2) DP]
904 Fruit Into Baskets solution C++
905 Sort Array By Parity solution C++
906 Super Palindromes solution C++
907 Sum of Subarray Minimums solution C++
908 Smallest Range I solution C++
909 Snakes and Ladders solution C++
910 Smallest Range II solution C++
911 Online Election solution C++
912 Sort an Array [无] C++
913 Cat and Mouse Game solution
914 X of a Kind in a Deck of Cards solution C++
915 Partition Array into Disjoint Intervals solution C++
916 Word Subsets solution C++
917 Reverse Only Letters solution C++
918 Maximum Sum Circular Subarray solution C++
919 Complete Binary Tree Inserter solution C++
920 Number of Music Playlists solution
921 Minimum Add to Make Parentheses Valid solution C++
922 Sort Array By Parity II solution C++
923 3Sum With Multiplicity solution C++
924 Minimize Malware Spread solution C++
925 Long Pressed Name solution C++
926 Flip String to Monotone Increasing solution C++
927 Three Equal Parts solution C++
928 Minimize Malware Spread II solution C++
929 Unique Email Addresses solution C++
930 Binary Subarrays With Sum solution C++
931 Minimum Path Falling Sum solution C++
932 Beautiful Array solution C++
933 Number of Recent Calls solution C++
934 Shortest Bridge solution C++
935 Knight Dialer solution C++
936 Stamping The Sequence solution C++
937 Reorder Log Files solution C++
938 Range Sum of BST solution C++
939 Minimum Area Rectangle solution C++
940 Distinct Subsequences II solution C++
941 Valid Mountain Array solution C++
942 DI String Match solution C++
943 Find the Shortest Superstring solution
944 Delete Columns to Make Sorted solution C++
945 Minimum Increment to Make Array Unique solution C++
946 Validate Stack Sequences solution C++
947 Most Stones Removed with Same Row or Column solution C++
948 Bag of Tokens solution C++
949 Largest Time for Given Digits solution C++
950 Reveal Cards In Increasing Order solution C++
951 Flip Equivalent Binary Trees solution C++
952 Largest Component Size by Common Factor solution C++
953 isAlienSorted solution C++
954 Array of Doubled Pairs solution C++
955 Delete Columns to Make Sorted II solution C++
956 Tallest Billboard solution C++
957 Prison Cells After N Days solution C++
958 Check Completeness of a Binary Tree solution C++
959 Regions Cut By Slashes solution C++
960 Delete Columns to Make Sorted III solution C++
961 N-Repeated Element in Size 2N Array solution C++
965 Univalued Binary Tree solution C++
966 Vowel Spellchecker solution C++
967 Numbers With Same Consecutive Differences solution C++
968 Binary Tree Cameras solution C++
969 Pancake Sorting solution C++
970 Powerful Integers solution C++
971 Flip Binary Tree To Match Preorder Traversal solution C++
972 Equal Rational Numbers solution C++
973 K Closest Points to Origin solution C++
974 Subarray Sums Divisible by K solution C++
975 Odd Even Jump solution C++
976 Largest Perimeter Triangle solution C++
977 Squares of a Sorted Array solution C++
978 Longest Turbulent Subarray solution
[缺:滑动窗口 & dp]
979 Distribute Coins in Binary Tree solution C++
980 Unique Paths III solution
C++ Java
981 Time Based Key-Value Store solution C++
982 Triples with Bitwise AND Equal To Zero [无] C++
983 Minimum Cost For Tickets solution C++
984 String Without AAA or BBB solution C++
985 Sum of Even Numbers After Queries solution C++
986 Interval List Intersections solution C++
987 Vertical Order Traversal of a Binary Tree solution C++
988 Smallest String Starting From Leaf solution C++
989 Add to Array-Form of Integer solution C++
990 Satisfiability of Equality Equations solution C++
991 Broken Calculator solution C++
992 Subarrays with K Different Integers solution C++
993 Cousins in Binary Tree solution C++
994 Rotting Oranges solution C++
995 Minimum Number of K Consecutive Bit Flips solution C++
996 Number of Squareful Arrays solution C++
997 Find the Town Judge [无] C++
998 Maximum Binary Tree II [无] C++
999 Available Captures for Rook [无] C++
1000 Minimum Cost to Merge Stones [无] C++
1001 Grid Illumination [无] C++
1002 Find Common Characters [无] C++
1003 Check If Word Is Valid After Substitutions [无] C++
1004 Max Consecutive Ones III [无] C++
1005 Maximize Sum Of Array After K Negations [无] C++
1006 Clumsy Factorial [无] C++
1007 Minimum Domino Rotations For Equal Row [无] C++
1008 Construct Binary Search Tree from Preorder Traversal [无] C++
1009 Complement of Base 10 Integer [无] C++
1010 Pairs of Songs With Total Durations Divisible by 60 [无] C++
1011 Capacity To Ship Packages Within D Days [无] C++
1012 Numbers With 1 Repeated Digit [无] C++
1013 Partition Array Into Three Parts With Equal Sum [无] C++
1014 Best Sightseeing Pair [无] C++
1015 Smallest Integer Divisible by K [无] C++
1016 Binary String With Substrings Representing 1 To N [无] C++
1017 Convert to Base -2 [无] C++
1018 Binary Prefix Divisible By 5 [无] C++
1019 Next Greater Node In Linked List [无] C++
1020 Number of Enclaves [无] C++
1021 Remove Outermost Parentheses [无] C++
1022 Sum of Root To Leaf Binary Numbers [无] C++
1023 Camelcase Matching [无] C++
1024 Video Stitching [无] C++
1025 Divisor Game [无] C++
1026 Maximum Difference Between Node and Ancestor [无] C++
1027 Longest Arithmetic Sequence [无] C++
1028 Recover a Tree From Preorder Traversal [无] C++
1029 Two City Scheduling [无] C++
1030 Matrix Cells in Distance Order [无] C++
1031 Maximum Sum of Two Non-Overlapping Subarrays [无] C++
1032 Stream of Characters [无] C++
1033 Moving Stones Until Consecutive [无] C++
1034 Coloring A Border [无] C++
1035 Uncrossed Lines [无] C++
1036 Escape a Large Maze [无] C++
1037 Valid Boomerang [无] C++
1038 Binary Search Tree to Greater Sum Tree [无] C++
1039 Minimum Score Triangulation of Polygon [无] C++
1040 Moving Stones Until Consecutive II [无] C++
1041 Robot Bounded In Circle [无] C++
1042 Flower Planting With No Adjacent [无] C++
1043 Partition Array for Maximum Sum [无] C++
1044 Longest Duplicate Substring [无]
1046 Last Stone Weight [无] C++
1047 Remove All Adjacent Duplicates In String [无] C++
1049 Last Stone Weight II [无] C++
1050 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1051 Height Checker [无] C++
1052 Grumpy Bookstore Owner [无] C++
1059 All Paths from Source Lead to Destination solution C++
1062 Longest Repeating Substring [无] C++
1072 Flip Columns For Maximum Number of Equal Rows [无] C++
1074 Number of Submatrices That Sum to Target [无] C++
1078 Occurrences After Bigram [无] C++
1079 Letter Tile Possibilities [无] C++
1080 Insufficient Nodes in Root to Leaf Paths [无] C++
1081 Smallest Subsequence of Distinct Characters [无] C++
1084 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1087 Brace Expansion [无] C++
1089 Duplicate Zeros [无] C++
1090 Largest Values From Labels [无] C++
1091 Shortest Path in Binary Matrix [无] C++
1092 Shortest Common Supersequence [无] C++
1093 Statistics from a Large Sample [无] C++
1094 Car Pooling [无] C++
1095 Find in Mountain Array [无] C++
1096 Brace Expansion II [无]
1099 Two Sum Less Than K [无] C++
1100 Find K-Length Substrings With No Repeated Characters [无] C++
1101 The Earliest Moment When Everyone Become Friends [无] C++
1102 Path With Maximum Minimum Value [无]
1103 Distribute Candies to People solution C++
1104 Path In Zigzag Labelled Binary Tree [无] C++
1105 Filling Bookcase Shelves [无] C++
1106 Parsing A Boolean Expression [无]
1108 Defanging an IP Address [无] C++
1109 Corporate Flight Bookings [无] C++
1110 Delete Nodes And Return Forest [无] C++
1111 Maximum Nesting Depth of Two Valid Parentheses Strings [无] C++
1112 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1118 Number of Days in a Month [无] C++
1119 Remove Vowels from a String [无] C++
1120 Maximum Average Subtree [无] C++
1121 Divide Array Into Increasing Sequences [无] C++
1124 Longest Well-Performing Interval [无] C++
1128 Number of Equivalent Domino Pairs [无] C++
1129 Shortest Path with Alternating Colors [无] C++
1130 Minimum Cost Tree From Leaf Values [无] C++
1131 Maximum of Absolute Value Expression [无] C++
1133 Largest Unique Number [无] C++
1134 Armstrong Number [无] C++
1135 Connecting Cities With Minimum Cost [无] C++
1136 Parallel Courses [无]
1137 N-th Tribonacci Number [无] C++
1138 Alphabet Board Path [无] C++
1139 Largest 1-Bordered Square [无] C++
1140 Stone Game II [无] C++
1141 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1143 Longest Common Subsequence [无] C++
1144 Decrease Elements To Make Array Zigzag [无] C++
1145 Binary Tree Coloring Game [无] C++
1146 Snapshot Array [无] C++
1147 Longest Chunked Palindrome Decomposition [无] C++
1148 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1150 Check If a Number Is Majority Element in a Sorted Array [无] C++
1151 Minimum Swaps to Group All 1's Together [无] C++
1152 Analyze User Website Visit Pattern [无] C++
1153 String Transforms Into Another String [无] C++
1154 Day of the Year [无] C++
1155 Number of Dice Rolls With Target Sum [无]
1156 Swap For Longest Repeated Character Substring [无] C++
1157 Online Majority Element In Subarray [无] C++
1158 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1160 Find Words That Can Be Formed by Characters [无] C++
1161 Maximum Level Sum of a Binary Tree [无] C++
1162 As Far from Land as Possible [无] C++
1163 Last Substring in Lexicographical Order [无] C++
1165 Single-Row Keyboard [无] C++
1166 Design File System [无] C++
1167 Minimum Cost to Connect Sticks [无] C++
1168 Optimize Water Distribution in a Village [无] C++
1169 Invalid Transactions [无] C++
1170 Compare Strings by Frequency of the Smallest Character [无] C++
1171 Remove Zero Sum Consecutive Nodes from Linked List [无] C++
1172 Dinner Plate Stacks [无] C++
1173 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1175 Prime Arrangements [无] C++
1176 Diet Plan Performance [无] C++
1177 Can Make Palindrome from Substring [无] C++
1178 Number of Valid Words for Each Puzzle [无] C++
1180 Count Substrings with Only One Distinct Letter [无] C++
1181 Before and After Puzzle [无] C++
1182 Shortest Distance to Target Color [无] C++
1183 Maximum Number of Ones [无] C++
1184 Distance Between Bus Stops [无] C++
1185 Day of the Week [无] C++
1186 Maximum Subarray Sum with One Deletion [无] C++
1187 Make Array Strictly Increasing [无]
1189 Maximum Number of Balloons [无] C++
1190 Reverse Substrings Between Each Pair of Parentheses [无] C++
1191 K-Concatenation Maximum Sum [无] C++
1192 Critical Connections in a Network [无] C++
1196 How Many Apples Can You Put into the Basket [无] C++
1197 Minimum Knight Moves [无] C++
1198 Find Smallest Common Element in All Rows [无] C++
1199 Minimum Time to Build Blocks [无] C++
1200 Minimum Absolute Difference [无] C++
1201 Ugly Number III [无] C++
1202 Smallest String With Swaps [无] C++
1203 Sort Items by Groups Respecting Dependencies [无] C++
1207 Unique Number of Occurrences [无] C++
1208 Get Equal Substrings Within Budget [无] C++
1209 Remove All Adjacent Duplicates in String II [无] C++
1210 Minimum Moves to Reach Target with Rotations [无] C++
1211 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1213 Intersection of Three Sorted Arrays [无] C++
1214 Two Sum BSTs [无] C++
1215 Stepping Numbers [无] C++
1216 Valid Palindrome III [无] C++
1217 Play with Chips [无] C++
1218 Longest Arithmetic Subsequence of Given Difference [无] C++
1219 Path with Maximum Gold [无] C++
1220 Count Vowels Permutation [无] C++
1221 Split a String in Balanced Strings [无] C++
1222 Queens That Can Attack the King [无] C++
1223 Dice Roll Simulation [无] C++
1224 Maximum Equal Frequency [无] C++
1228 Missing Number In Arithmetic Progression [无] C++
1229 Meeting Scheduler [无] C++
1230 Toss Strange Coins [无] C++
1231 Divide Chocolate [无] C++
1232 Check If It Is a Straight Line [无] C++
1233 Remove Sub-Folders from the Filesystem [无] C++
1234 Replace the Substring for Balanced String [无] C++
1235 Maximum Profit in Job Scheduling [无] C++
1237 Find Positive Integer Solution for a Given Equation [无] C++
1238 Circular Permutation in Binary Representation [无] C++
1239 Maximum Length of a Concatenated String with Unique Characters [无] C++
1240 Tiling a Rectangle with the Fewest Squares [无] C++
1243 Array Transformation [无] C++
1244 Design A Leaderboard [无] C++
1245 Tree Diameter [无] C++
1248 Count Number of Nice Subarrays [无] C++ Java
1249 Minimum Remove to Make Valid Parentheses solution C++
1251 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1252 Cells with Odd Values in a Matrix [无] C++
1260 Shift 2D Grid solution C++
1261 Find Elements in a Contaminated Binary Tree C++
1262 Greatest Sum Divisible by Three [无] C++
1263 Minimum Moves to Move a Box to Their Target Location [无] C++
1264 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1272 Remove Interval [无] C++
1275 Find Winner on a Tic Tac Toe Game [无] C++
1277 Count Square Submatrices with All Ones 题解 C++
1278 Palindrome Partitioning III [无] C++
1280 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1282 Group the People Given the Group Size They Belong To [无] C++
1286 Iterator for Combination solution C++
1288 Remove Covered Intervals solution C++
1290 Convert Binary Number in a Linked List to Integer solution C++
1291 Sequential Digits solution C++
1293 Shortest Path in a Grid with Obstacles Elimination solution C++
1302 Deepest Leaves Sum solution C++
1303 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1304 Find N Unique Integers Sum up to Zero [无] C++
1305 All Elements in Two Binary Search Trees [无] C++
1306 Jump Game III [无] C++
1307 Verbal Arithmetic Puzzle [无] C++
1309 Decrypt String from Alphabet to Integer Mapping [无] C++
1310 XOR Queries of a Subarray [无] C++
1311 Get Watched Videos by Your Friends [无] C++
1312 Minimum Insertion Steps to Make a String Palindrome [无] C++
1317 Convert Integer to the Sum of Two No-Zero Integers [无] C++
1318 Minimum Flips to Make a OR b Equal to c [无] C++
1319 Number of Operations to Make Network Connected [无] C++
1323 Maximum 69 Number [无] C++
1328 Break a Palindrome solution C++
1329 Sort the Matrix Diagonally solution C++
1331 Rank Transform of an Array [无] C++
1332 Remove Palindromic Subsequences solution C++
1333 Filter Restaurants by Vegan-Friendly, Price and Distance [无] C++
1334 Find the City With the Smallest Number of Neighbors at a Threshold Distance [无] C++
1335 Minimum Difficulty of a Job Schedule [无] C++
1337 The K Weakest Rows in a Matrix solution C++
1338 Reduce Array Size to The Half solution C++
1339 Maximum Product of Splitted Binary Tree solution C++
1340 Jump Game V [无] C++
1341 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1342 Number of Steps to Reduce a Number to Zero [无] C++
1343 Number of Sub-arrays of Size K and Average Greater than or Equal to Threshold [无] C++
1344 Angle Between Hands of a Clock C++
1345 Jump Game IV [无] C++
1346 Check If N and Its Double Exist [无] C++
1347 Minimum Number of Steps to Make Two Strings Anagram [无] C++
1348 Tweet Counts Per Frequency [无] C++
1349 Maximum Students Taking Exam [无] C++
1350 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1351 Count Negative Numbers in a Sorted Matrix [无] C++
1352 Product of the Last K Numbers [无] C++
1353 Maximum Number of Events That Can Be Attended [无] C++
1354 Construct Target Array With Multiple Sums solution C++
1355 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1356 Sort Integers by The Number of 1 Bits [无] C++
1357 Apply Discount Every n Orders [无] C++
1358 Number of Substrings Containing All Three Characters [无] C++
1359 Count All Valid Pickup and Delivery Options [无] C++
1360 Number of Days Between Two Dates [无] C++
1361 Validate Binary Tree Nodes [无] C++
1362 Closest Divisors [无] C++
1363 Largest Multiple of Three [无] C++
1364 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1365 How Many Numbers Are Smaller Than the Current Number [无] C++
1366 Rank Teams by Votes [无] C++
1367 Linked List in Binary Tree [无] C++
1368 Minimum Cost to Make at Least One Valid Path in a Grid [无] C++
1369 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1370 Increasing Decreasing String [无] C++
1371 Find the Longest Substring Containing Vowels in Even Counts [无] C++
1372 Longest ZigZag Path in a Binary Tree 题解
1373 Maximum Sum BST in Binary Tree [无] C++
1374 Generate a String With Characters That Have Odd Counts [无] C++
1375 Bulb Switcher III [无] C++
1376 Time Needed to Inform All Employees [无] C++
1377 Frog Position After T Seconds [无] C++
1378 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1379 Find a Corresponding Node of a Binary Tree in a Clone of That Tree [无] C++
1383 Maximum Performance of a Team [无] C++
1384 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1389 Create Target Array in the Given Order [无] C++
1390 Four Divisors [无] C++
1391 Check if There is a Valid Path in a Grid [无] C++
1392 Longest Happy Prefix [无] C++
1393 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1394 Find Lucky Integer in an Array [无] C++
1395 Count Number of Teams [无]
1396 Design Underground System solution C++
1397 Find All Good Strings [无]
[缺:双端数位 DP]
1398 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1399 Count Largest Group [无] C++
1400 Construct K Palindrome Strings [无] C++
1401 Circle and Rectangle Overlapping [无] C++
1402 Reducing Dishes [无] C++
1403 Minimum Subsequence in Non Increasing Order [无] C++
1404 Number of Steps to Reduce a Number in Binary Representation to One [无] C++
1405 Longest Happy String [无] C++
1406 Stone Game III [无] C++
1407 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1408 String Matching in an Array [无] C++
1409 Queries on a Permutation With Key [无]
1410 HTML Entity Parser [无] C++
1411 Number of Ways to Paint N × 3 Grid [无] C++
1412 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1413 Minimum Value to Get Positive Step by Step Sum [无] C++
1414 Find the Minimum Number of Fibonacci Numbers Whose Sum Is K [无] C++
1415 The k-th Lexicographical String of All Happy Strings of Length n [无] C++
1416 Restore The Array [无] C++
1417 Reformat The String [无] C++
1418 Display Table of Food Orders in a Restaurant [无] C++
1419 Minimum Number of Frogs Croaking [无] C++
1420 Build Array Where You Can Find The Maximum Exactly K Comparisons [无] C++
1421 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1422 Maximum Score After Splitting a String [无] C++
1423 Maximum Points You Can Obtain from Cards [无] C++
1424 Diagonal Traverse II [无] C++
1425 Constrained Subset Sum [无] C++
1426 Counting Elements solution C++
1427 Perform String Shifts solution C++
1428 Leftmost Column with at Least a One solution C++
1429 First Unique Number solution C++
1430 Check If a String Is a Valid Sequence from Root to Leaves Path in a Binary Tree [无] C++
1431 Kids With the Greatest Number of Candies [无] C++
1432 Max Difference You Can Get From Changing an Integer [无] C++
1433 Check If a String Can Break Another String [无] C++
1434 Number of Ways to Wear Different Hats to Each Other [无] C++
1435 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1436 Destination City [无] C++
1437 Check If All 1's Are at Least Length K Places Away [无] C++
1438 Longest Continuous Subarray With Absolute Diff Less Than or Equal to Limit [无] C++
1439 Find the Kth Smallest Sum of a Matrix With Sorted Rows [无] C++
1440 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1441 Build an Array With Stack Operations [无] C++
1442 Count Triplets That Can Form Two Arrays of Equal XOR [无]
1443 Minimum Time to Collect All Apples in a Tree [无] C++
1444 Number of Ways of Cutting a Pizza [无] C++
1445 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1446 Consecutive Characters [无] C++
1447 Simplified Fractions [无] C++
1448 Count Good Nodes in Binary Tree [无] C++
1449 Form Largest Integer With Digits That Add up to Target [无] C++
1450 Number of Students Doing Homework at a Given Time [无] C++
1451 Rearrange Words in a Sentence [无] C++
1452 People Whose List of Favorite Companies Is Not a Subset of Another List [无] C++
1453 Maximum Number of Darts Inside of a Circular Dartboard [无]
[缺:Angular Sweep]
1454 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1455 Check If a Word Occurs As a Prefix of Any Word in a Sentence [无] C++
1456 Maximum Number of Vowels in a Substring of Given Length [无] C++
1457 Pseudo Palindromic Paths in a Binary Tree [无] C++
1458 Max Dot Product of Two Subsequences [无] C++
1459 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1460 Make Two Arrays Equal by Reversing Sub-arrays [无] C++
1461 Check If a String Contains All Binary Codes of Size K [无] C++
1462 Course Schedule IV [无] C++
1463 Cherry Pickup II [无] C++
1464 Maximum Product of Two Elements in an Array [无] C++
1465 Maximum Area of a Piece of Cake After Horizontal and Vertical Cuts [无] C++
1466 Reorder Routes to Make All Paths Lead to the City Zero [无] C++
1467 Probability of a Two Boxes Having The Same Number of Distinct Balls [无] C++
1468 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1469 Find All the Lonely Nodes [无] C++
1470 Shuffle the Array [无] C++
1471 The k Strongest Values in an Array [无] C++
1472 Design Browser History [无] C++
1473 Paint House III [无] C++
1474 Delete N Nodes After M Nodes of a Linked List [无] C++
1475 Final Prices With a Special Discount in a Shop [无] C++
1476 Subrectangle Queries [无] C++
1477 Find Two Non-overlapping Sub-arrays Each With Target Sum [无] C++
1478 Allocate Mailboxes [无] C++
1479 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1480 Running Sum of 1d Array [无] C++
1481 Least Number of Unique Integers after K Removals [无] C++
1482 Minimum Number of Days to Make m Bouquets [无] C++
1483 Kth Ancestor of a Tree Node [无] C++
1484 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1485 Clone Binary Tree With Random Pointer [无] C++
1486 XOR Operation in an Array [无] C++
1487 Making File Names Unique [无] C++
1488 Avoid Flood in The City [无] C++
1489 Find Critical and Pseudo-Critical Edges in Minimum Spanning Tree [无]
[缺:O(ElogE) 的解]
1490 Clone N-ary Tree [无] C++
1491 Average Salary Excluding the Minimum and Maximum Salary [无] C++
1492 The kth Factor of n [无] C++
1493 Longest Subarray of 1's After Deleting One Element [无] C++
1494 Parallel Courses II [无] C++
1495 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1496 Path Crossing [无] C++
1497 Check If Array Pairs Are Divisible by k [无] C++
1498 Number of Subsequences That Satisfy the Given Sum Condition [无] C++
1499 Max Value of Equation [无] C++
1506 Find Root of N-Ary Tree solution C++
1522 Diameter of N-Ary Tree [无] C++
1527 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1531 String Compression II [无][缺:其他解法] C++
1539 Kth Missing Positive Number solution C++
1559 Detect Cycles in 2D Grid [无] C++
1564 Put Boxes Into the Warehouse I [无] C++
1570 Dot Product of Two Sparse Vectors solution C++
1571 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1576 Replace All ?'s to Avoid Consecutive Repeating Characters [无] C++
1577 Number of Ways Where Square of Number Is Equal to Product of Two Numbers [无] C++
1578 Minimum Deletion Cost to Avoid Repeating Letters [无] C++
1579 Remove Max Number of Edges to Keep Graph Fully Traversable [无] C++
1580 Put Boxes Into the Warehouse II [无] C++
1581 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1582 Special Positions in a Binary Matrix [无] C++
1583 Count Unhappy Friends [无] C++
1584 Min Cost to Connect All Points [无]
[缺:prim 和 ]
1585 Check If String Is Transformable With Substring Sort Operations [无] C++
1586 Binary Search Tree Iterator II [无]
1587 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1588 Sum of All Odd Length Subarrays [无] C++
1589 Maximum Sum Obtained of Any Permutation [无] C++
1590 Make Sum Divisible by P [无] C++
1591 Strange Printer II [无] C++
1592 Rearrange Spaces Between Words [无] C++
1593 Split a String Into the Max Number of Unique Substrings [无] C++
1594 Maximum Non Negative Product in a Matrix [无] C++
1595 Minimum Cost to Connect Two Groups of Points [无] C++
1596 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1597 Build Binary Expression Tree From Infix Expression [无] C++
1598 Crawler Log Folder [无] C++
1599 Maximum Profit of Operating a Centennial Wheel [无] C++
1600 Throne Inheritance [无] C++
1601 Maximum Number of Achievable Transfer Requests [无]
1602 Find Nearest Right Node in Binary Tree solution C++
1603 Design Parking System [无] C++
1604 Alert Using Same Key-Card Three or More Times in a One Hour Period [无] C++
1605 Find Valid Matrix Given Row and Column Sums [无] C++
1606 Find Servers That Handled Most Number of Requests [无] C++
1607 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1608 Special Array With X Elements Greater Than or Equal X [无] C++
1609 Even Odd Tree [无] C++
1610 Maximum Number of Visible Points [无] C++
1611 Minimum One Bit Operations to Make Integers Zero [无] C++
1612 Check If Two Expression Trees are Equivalent [无] C++
1613 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1614 Maximum Nesting Depth of the Parentheses [无] C++
1615 Maximal Network Rank [无] C++
1616 Split Two Strings to Make Palindrome [无] C++
1617 Count Subtrees With Max Distance Between Cities [无] C++
1618 Maximum Font to Fit a Sentence in a Screen [无] C++
1619 Mean of Array After Removing Some Elements [无] C++
1620 Coordinate With Maximum Network Quality [无] C++
1621 Number of Sets of K Non-Overlapping Line Segments [无] C++
1622 Fancy Sequence [无] C++
1623 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1624 Largest Substring Between Two Equal Characters [无] C++
1625 Lexicographically Smallest String After Applying Operations [无] C++
1626 Best Team With No Conflicts [无]
[缺:nlogn 算法]
1627 Graph Connectivity With Threshold [无] C++
1628 Design an Expression Tree With Evaluate Function [无] C++
1629 Slowest Key [无] C++
1630 Arithmetic Subarrays [无] C++
1631 Path With Minimum Effort solution C++
1632 Rank Transform of a Matrix solution C++
1633 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1634 Add Two Polynomials Represented as Linked Lists [无] C++
1635 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1636 Sort Array by Increasing Frequency [无] C++
1637 Widest Vertical Area Between Two Points Containing No Points [无] C++
1638 Count Substrings That Differ by One Character [无] C++
1639 Number of Ways to Form a Target String Given a Dictionary [无] C++
1640 Check Array Formation Through Concatenation solution C++
1641 Count Sorted Vowel Strings solution C++
1642 Furthest Building You Can Reach [无] C++
1643 Kth Smallest Instructions [无] C++
1644 Lowest Common Ancestor of a Binary Tree II [无] C++
1645 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1646 Get Maximum in Generated Array solution C++
1647 Minimum Deletions to Make Character Frequencies Unique [无] C++
1648 Sell Diminishing-Valued Colored Balls [无] C++
1649 Create Sorted Array through Instructions solution
1650 Lowest Common Ancestor of a Binary Tree III [无] C++
1651 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1652 Defuse the Bomb [无] C++
1653 Minimum Deletions to Make String Balanced [无] C++
1654 Minimum Jumps to Reach Home [无] C++
1655 Distribute Repeating Integers [无] C++
1656 Design an Ordered Stream [无] C++
1657 Determine if Two Strings Are Close solution C++
1658 Minimum Operations to Reduce X to Zero solution C++
1659 Maximize Grid Happiness [无] C++ Java
1660 Correct a Binary Tree [无] C++
1661 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1662 Check If Two String Arrays are Equivalent solution C++
1663 Smallest String With A Given Numeric Value solution C++
1664 Ways to Make a Fair Array [无] C++
1665 Minimum Initial Energy to Finish Tasks [无] C++
1666 Change the Root of a Binary Tree [无] C++
1667 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1668 Maximum Repeating Substring [无] C++
1669 Merge In Between Linked Lists [无] C++
1670 Design Front Middle Back Queue [无] C++
1671 Minimum Number of Removals to Make Mountain Array [无] C++
1672 Richest Customer Wealth [无] C++
1673 Find the Most Competitive Subsequence solution C++
1674 Minimum Moves to Make Array Complementary [无] C++
1675 Minimize Deviation in Array solution C++
1676 Lowest Common Ancestor of a Binary Tree IV [无] C++
1677 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1678 Goal Parser Interpretation [无] C++
1679 Max Number of K-Sum Pairs solution C++
1680 Concatenation of Consecutive Binary Numbers solution C++
1681 Minimum Incompatibility [无] C++
1682 Longest Palindromic Subsequence II [无] C++
1683 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1684 Count the Number of Consistent Strings [无] C++
1685 Sum of Absolute Differences in a Sorted Array [无] C++
1686 Stone Game VI [无] C++
1687 Delivering Boxes from Storage to Ports [无]
[缺:dp + 优化]
1688 Count of Matches in Tournament C++
1689 Partitioning Into Minimum Number Of Deci-Binary Numbers solution C++
1690 Stone Game VII solution
[缺:记忆化搜索;DP 空间优化]
1691 Maximum Height by Stacking Cuboids [无] C++
1692 Count Ways to Distribute Candies [无] C++
1693 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1694 Reformat Phone Number [无] C++
1695 Maximum Erasure Value [无] C++
1696 Jump Game VI [无] C++
1697 Checking Existence of Edge Length Limited Paths [无] C++
1698 Number of Distinct Substrings in a String [无] C++
1699 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1700 Number of Students Unable to Eat Lunch [无] C++
1701 Average Waiting Time [无] C++
1702 Maximum Binary String After Change [无] C++
1703 Minimum Adjacent Swaps for K Consecutive Ones [无] C++
1704 Determine if String Halves Are Alike solution C++
1705 Maximum Number of Eaten Apples solution C++
1706 Where Will the Ball Fall [无] C++
1707 Maximum XOR With an Element From Array [无] C++
1708 Largest Subarray Length K [无] C++
1709 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1710 Maximum Units on a Truck solution C++
1711 Count Good Meals [无] C++
1712 Ways to Split Array Into Three Subarrays solution C++
1713 Minimum Operations to Make a Subsequence [无] C++
1714 Sum Of Special Evenly-Spaced Elements In Array [无] C++
1715 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1716 Calculate Money in Leetcode Bank [无] C++
1717 Maximum Score From Removing Substrings [无] C++
1718 Construct the Lexicographically Largest Valid Sequence [无] C++
1719 Number Of Ways To Reconstruct A Tree [无] C++
1720 Decode XORed Array [无] C++
1721 Swapping Nodes in a Linked List [无] C++
1722 Minimize Hamming Distance After Swap Operations [无] C++
1723 Find Minimum Time to Finish All Jobs [无] C++
1724 Checking Existence of Edge Length Limited Paths II [无] C++
1725 Number Of Rectangles That Can Form The Largest Square [无] C++
1726 Tuple with Same Product [无] C++
1727 Largest Submatrix With Rearrangements [无] C++
1728 Cat and Mouse II [无] C++
1729 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1730 Shortest Path to Get Food [无] C++
1731 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1732 Find the Highest Altitude [无] C++
1733 Minimum Number of People to Teach [无] C++
1734 Decode XORed Permutation [无] C++
1735 Count Ways to Make Array With Product [无] C++
1736 Latest Time by Replacing Hidden Digits [无] C++
1737 Change Minimum Characters to Satisfy One of Three Conditions [无] C++
1738 Find Kth Largest XOR Coordinate Value [无] C++
1739 Building Boxes [无]
1740 Find Distance in a Binary Tree [无]
1741 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1742 Maximum Number of Balls in a Box [无] C++
1743 Restore the Array From Adjacent Pairs [无] C++
1744 Can You Eat Your Favorite Candy on Your Favorite Day? [无] C++
1745 Palindrome Partitioning IV [无] C++
1746 Maximum Subarray Sum After One Operation [无] C++
1747 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1748 Sum of Unique Elements [无] C++
1749 Maximum Absolute Sum of Any Subarray [无] C++
1750 Minimum Length of String After Deleting Similar Ends [无] C++
1751 Maximum Number of Events That Can Be Attended II [无] C++
1752 Check if Array Is Sorted and Rotated [无] C++
1753 Maximum Score From Removing Stones [无] C++
1754 Largest Merge Of Two Strings [无] C++
1755 Closest Subsequence Sum [无] C++
1756 Design Most Recently Used Queue [无]
[缺:线段树,sqrt 分解]
1757 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1758 Minimum Changes To Make Alternating Binary String [无] C++
1759 Count Number of Homogenous Substrings [无] C++
1760 Minimum Limit of Balls in a Bag [无] C++
1761 Minimum Degree of a Connected Trio in a Graph [无] C++
1762 Buildings With an Ocean View [无] C++
1763 Longest Nice Substring [无] C++
1764 Form Array by Concatenating Subarrays of Another Array
1765 Map of Highest Peak [无] C++
1766 Tree of Coprimes [无] C++
1767 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1768 Merge Strings Alternately [无] C++
1769 Minimum Number of Operations to Move All Balls to Each Box [无] C++
1770 Maximum Score from Performing Multiplication Operations [无] C++
1771 Maximize Palindrome Length From Subsequences [无] C++
1772 Sort Features by Popularity [无] C++
1773 Count Items Matching a Rule [无] C++
1774 Closest Dessert Cost [无] C++
1775 Equal Sum Arrays With Minimum Number of Operations [无] C++
1776 Car Fleet II [无]
1777 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1778 Shortest Path in a Hidden Grid [无] C++
1779 Find Nearest Point That Has the Same X or Y Coordinate [无] C++
1780 Check if Number is a Sum of Powers of Three [无] C++
1781 Sum of Beauty of All Substrings [无] C++
1782 Count Pairs Of Nodes [无] C++
1783 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1784 Check if Binary String Has at Most One Segment of Ones [无] C++
1785 Minimum Elements to Add to Form a Given Sum [无] C++
1786 Number of Restricted Paths From First to Last Node [无] C++
1787 Make the XOR of All Segments Equal to Zero [无] C++
1788 Maximize the Beauty of the Garden [无] C++
1789 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1790 Check if One String Swap Can Make Strings Equal [无] C++
1791 Find Center of Star Graph [无] C++
1792 Maximum Average Pass Ratio [无] C++
1793 Maximum Score of a Good Subarray [无] C++
1794 Count Pairs of Equal Substrings With Minimum Difference [无] C++
1795 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1796 Second Largest Digit in a String [无] C++
1797 Design Authentication Manager [无] C++
1798 Maximum Number of Consecutive Values You Can Make [无] C++
1799 Maximize Score After N Operations [无] C++
1800 Maximum Ascending Subarray Sum [无] C++
1801 Number of Orders in the Backlog [无] C++
1802 Maximum Value at a Given Index in a Bounded Array [无] C++
1803 Count Pairs With XOR in a Range [无] C++
1804 Implement Trie II (Prefix Tree) [无] C++
1805 Number of Different Integers in a String [无] C++
1806 Minimum Number of Operations to Reinitialize a Permutation [无]
1807 Evaluate the Bracket Pairs of a String [无] C++
1808 Maximize Number of Nice Divisors [无] C++
1809 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1810 Minimum Path Cost in a Hidden Grid [无] C++
1811 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1812 Determine Color of a Chessboard Square [无] C++
1813 Sentence Similarity III [无] C++
1814 Count Nice Pairs in an Array [无] C++
1815 Maximum Number of Groups Getting Fresh Donuts [无] C++
1816 Truncate Sentence [无] C++
1817 Finding the Users Active Minutes [无] C++
1818 Minimum Absolute Sum Difference [无] C++
1819 Number of Different Subsequences GCDs [无] C++
1820 Maximum Number of Accepted Invitations [无] C++
1821 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1822 Sign of the Product of an Array [无] C++
1823 Find the Winner of the Circular Game [无] C++
1824 Minimum Sideway Jumps [无]
1825 Finding MK Average [无]
1826 Faulty Sensor [无] C++
1827 Minimum Operations to Make the Array Increasing [无] C++
1828 Queries on Number of Points Inside a Circle [无] C++
1829 Maximum XOR for Each Query [无] C++
1830 Minimum Number of Operations to Make String Sorted [无] C++
1831 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1832 Check if the Sentence Is Pangram [无] C++
1833 Maximum Ice Cream Bars [无] C++
1834 Single-Threaded CPU [无] C++
1835 Find XOR Sum of All Pairs Bitwise AND [无]
1836 Remove Duplicates From an Unsorted Linked List [无] C++
1837 Sum of Digits in Base K [无] C++
1838 Frequency of the Most Frequent Element [无] C++
1839 Longest Substring Of All Vowels in Order [无] C++
1840 Maximum Building Height [无] C++
1841 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1842 Next Palindrome Using Same Digits [无] C++
1843 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1844 Replace All Digits with Characters [无] C++
1845 Seat Reservation Manager [无] C++
1846 Maximum Element After Decreasing and Rearranging [无] C++
1847 Closest Room [无] C++
1848 Minimum Distance to the Target Element [无] C++
1849 Splitting a String Into Descending Consecutive Values [无] C++
1850 Minimum Adjacent Swaps to Reach the Kth Smallest Number [无] C++
1851 Minimum Interval to Include Each Query [无] C++
1852 Distinct Numbers in Each Subarray [无] C++
1853 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1854 Maximum Population Year [无] C++
1855 Maximum Distance Between a Pair of Values [无] C++
1856 Maximum Subarray Min-Product [无] C++
1857 Largest Color Value in a Directed Graph [无] C++
1858 Longest Word With All Prefixes [无] C++
1859 Sorting the Sentence [无] C++
1860 Incremental Memory Leak [无] C++
1861 Rotating the Box [无] C++
1862 Sum of Floored Pairs [无] C++
1863 Sum of All Subset XOR Totals [无]
1864 Minimum Number of Swaps to Make the Binary String Alternating [无] C++
1865 Finding Pairs With a Certain Sum [无] C++
1866 Number of Ways to Rearrange Sticks With K Sticks Visible [无] C++
1867 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1868 Product of Two Run-Length Encoded Arrays [无] C++
1869 Longer Contiguous Segments of Ones than Zeros [无] C++
1870 Minimum Speed to Arrive on Time [无] C++
1871 Jump Game VII [无] C++
1872 Stone Game VIII solution
1873 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1874 Minimize Product Sum of Two Arrays [无] C++
1875 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1876 Substrings of Size Three with Distinct Characters [无] C++
1877 Minimize Maximum Pair Sum in Array [无] C++
1878 Get Biggest Three Rhombus Sums in a Grid [无] C++
1879 Minimum XOR Sum of Two Arrays [无]
1880 Check if Word Equals Summation of Two Words [无] C++
1881 Maximum Value after Insertion [无] C++
1882 Process Tasks Using Servers [无] C++
1883 Minimum Skips to Arrive at Meeting On Time [无]
1884 Egg Drop With 2 Eggs and N Floors [无]
[缺:O(1) 数学]
1885 Count Pairs in Two Arrays [无] C++
1886 Determine Whether Matrix Can Be Obtained By Rotation [无] C++
1887 Reduction Operations to Make the Array Elements Equal [无] C++
1888 Minimum Number of Flips to Make the Binary String Alternating [无] C++
1889 Minimum Space Wasted From Packaging [无] C++
1890 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1891 Cutting Ribbons [无] C++
1892 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1893 Check if All the Integers in a Range Are Covered [无] C++
1894 Find the Student that Will Replace the Chalk [无] C++
1895 Largest Magic Square [无] C++
1896 Minimum Cost to Change the Final Value of Expression [无] C++
1897 Redistribute Characters to Make All Strings Equal [无] C++
1898 Maximum Number of Removable Characters [无] C++
1899 Merge Triplets to Form Target Triplet [无] C++
1900 The Earliest and Latest Rounds Where Players Compete [无] C++
1901 Find a Peak Element II [无] C++
1902 Depth of BST Given Insertion Order [无] C++
1903 Largest Odd Number in String [无] C++
1904 The Number of Full Rounds You Have Played [无] C++
1905 Count Sub Islands [无] C++
1906 Minimum Absolute Difference Queries [无]
1907 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1908 Game of Nim [无]
1909 Remove One Element to Make the Array Strictly Increasing [无] C++
1910 Remove All Occurrences of a Substring [无] C++
1911 Maximum Alternating Subsequence Sum [无]
1912 Design Movie Rental System [无] C++
1913 Maximum Product Difference Between Two Pairs [无] C++
1914 Cyclically Rotating a Grid [无] C++
1915 Number of Wonderful Substrings [无] C++
1916 Count Ways to Build Rooms in an Ant Colony [无] C++
1917 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1918 Kth Smallest Subarray Sum [无] C++
1919 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1920 Build Array from Permutation [无] C++
1921 Eliminate Maximum Number of Monsters [无] C++
1922 Count Good Numbers [无] C++
1923 Longest Common Subpath [无]
1924 Erect the Fence II [无] C++
1925 Count Square Sum Triples [无] C++
1926 Nearest Exit from Entrance in Maze [无] C++
1927 Sum Game [无] C++
1928 Minimum Cost to Reach Destination in Time [无] C++
1929 Concatenation of Array [无] C++
1930 Unique Length-3 Palindromic Subsequences [无] C++
1931 Painting a Grid With Three Different Colors [无] C++
1932 Merge BSTs to Create Single BST [无] C++
1933 Check if String Is Decomposable Into Value-Equal Substrings [无] C++
1934 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1935 Maximum Number of Words You Can Type [无] C++
1936 Add Minimum Number of Rungs [无] C++
1937 Maximum Number of Points with Cost [无] C++
1938 Maximum Genetic Difference Query [无] C++
1939 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1940 Longest Common Subsequence Between Sorted Arrays [无] C++
1941 Check if All Characters Have Equal Number of Occurrences [无] C++
1942 The Number of the Smallest Unoccupied Chair [无] C++
1943 Describe the Painting [无] C++
1944 Number of Visible People in a Queue [无] C++
1945 Sum of Digits of String After Convert [无] C++
1946 Largest Number After Mutating Substring [无] C++
1947 Maximum Compatibility Score Sum [无] C++
1948 Delete Duplicate Folders in System [无] C++
1949 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1950 Maximum of Minimum Values in All Subarrays [无] C++
1951 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1952 Three Divisors [无] C++
1953 Maximum Number of Weeks for Which You Can Work [无] C++
1954 Minimum Garden Perimeter to Collect Enough Apples [无] C++
1955 Count Number of Special Subsequences [无] C++
1956 Minimum Time For K Virus Variants to Spread [无] C++
1957 Delete Characters to Make Fancy String [无] C++
1958 Check if Move is Legal [无] C++
1959 Minimum Total Space Wasted With K Resizing Operations [无] C++
1960 Maximum Product of the Length of Two Palindromic Substrings [无] C++
1961 Check If String Is a Prefix of Array [无] C++
1962 Remove Stones to Minimize the Total [无] C++
1963 Minimum Number of Swaps to Make the String Balanced [无] C++
1964 Find the Longest Valid Obstacle Course at Each Position [无] C++
1965 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1966 Binary Searchable Numbers in an Unsorted Array [无] C++
1967 Number of Strings That Appear as Substrings in Word [无] C++
1968 Array With Elements Not Equal to Average of Neighbors [无] C++
1969 Minimum Non-Zero Product of the Array Elements [无] C++
1970 Last Day Where You Can Still Cross [无] C++
1971 Find if Path Exists in Graph [无] C++
1972 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1973 Count Nodes Equal to Sum of Descendants [无] C++
1974 Minimum Time to Type Word Using Special Typewriter [无] C++
1975 Maximum Matrix Sum [无] C++
1976 Number of Ways to Arrive at Destination [无] C++
1977 Number of Ways to Separate Numbers [无] C++
1978 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1979 Find Greatest Common Divisor of Array [无] C++
1980 Find Unique Binary String [无] C++
1981 Minimize the Difference Between Target and Chosen Elements [无] C++
1982 Find Array Given Subset Sums [无] C++
1983 Widest Pair of Indices With Equal Range Sum [无] C++
1984 Minimum Difference Between Highest and Lowest of K Scores [无] C++
1985 Find the Kth Largest Integer in the Array [无] C++
1986 Minimum Number of Work Sessions to Finish the Tasks [无] C++
1987 Number of Unique Good Subsequences [无] C++
1988 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1989 Maximum Number of People That Can Be Caught in Tag [无] C++
1990 Database Problem: Link - - - -
1991 Find the Middle Index in Array [无] C++
1992 Find All Groups of Farmland [无] C++
1993 Operations on Tree [无] C++
1994 The Number of Good Subsets [无] C++
1995 Count Special Quadruplets [无] C++
1996 The Number of Weak Characters in the Game [无] C++
1997 First Day Where You Have Been in All the Rooms [无] C++
1998 GCD Sort of an Array [无] C++
1999 Smallest Greater Multiple Made of Two Digits [无] C++
2000 Reverse Prefix of Word [无] C++
2001 Number of Pairs of Interchangeable Rectangles [无] C++
2002 Maximum Product of the Length of Two Palindromic Subsequences [无] C++
2003 Smallest Missing Genetic Value in Each Subtree [无] C++
2004 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2005 Subtree Removal Game with Fibonacci Tree [无] C++
2006 Count Number of Pairs With Absolute Difference K [无] C++
2007 Find Original Array From Doubled Array [无] C++
2008 Maximum Earnings From Taxi [无] C++
2009 Minimum Number of Operations to Make Array Continuous [无] C++
2010 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2011 Final Value of Variable After Performing Operations [无] C++
2012 Sum of Beauty in the Array [无] C++
2013 Detect Squares [无] C++
2014 Longest Subsequence Repeated k Times [无] C++
2015 Average Height of Buildings in Each Segment [无] C++
2016 Maximum Difference Between Increasing Elements [无] C++
2017 Grid Game [无] C++
2018 Check if Word Can Be Placed In Crossword [无] C++
2019 The Score of Students Solving Math Expression [无] C++
2020 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2021 Brightest Position on Street [无] C++
2022 Convert 1D Array Into 2D Array [无] C++
2023 Number of Pairs of Strings With Concatenation Equal to Target [无] C++
2024 Maximize the Confusion of an Exam [无] C++
2025 Maximum Number of Ways to Partition an Array [无] C++
2026 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2027 Minimum Moves to Convert String [无] C++
2028 Find Missing Observations [无] C++
2029 Stone Game IX [无] C++
2030 Smallest K-Length Subsequence With Occurrences of a Letter [无] C++
2031 Count Subarrays With More Ones Than Zeros [缺:更简单的解法] C++
2032 Two Out of Three [无] C++
2033 Minimum Operations to Make a Uni-Value Grid [无] C++
2034 Stock Price Fluctuation [无] C++
2035 Partition Array Into Two Arrays to Minimize Sum Difference [无] C++
2036 Maximum Alternating Subarray Sum [无] c++
2037 Minimum Number of Moves to Seat Everyone [无] C++
2038 Remove Colored Pieces if Both Neighbors are the Same Color [无] C++
2039 The Time When the Network Becomes Idle [无] C++
2040 Kth Smallest Product of Two Sorted Arrays [无] C++
2041 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2042 Check if Numbers Are Ascending in a Sentence [无] C++
2043 Simple Bank System [无] C++
2044 Count Number of Maximum Bitwise-OR Subsets [无] C++
2045 Second Minimum Time to Reach Destination [无] C++
2046 Sort Linked List Already Sorted Using Absolute Values [无] C++
2047 Number of Valid Words in a Sentence [无] C++
2048 Next Greater Numerically Balanced Number [无] C++
2049 Count Nodes With the Highest Score [无] C++
2050 Parallel Courses III [无] C++
2051 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2052 Minimum Cost to Separate Sentence Into Rows [无] C++
2053 Kth Distinct String in an Array [无] C++
2054 Two Best Non-Overlapping Events [无] C++
2055 Plates Between Candles [无] C++
2056 Number of Valid Move Combinations On Chessboard [无] C++
2057 Smallest Index With Equal Value [无] C++
2058 Find the Minimum and Maximum Number of Nodes Between Critical Points [无] C++
2059 Minimum Operations to Convert Number [无] C++
2060 Check if an Original String Exists Given Two Encoded Strings [无] C++
2061 Number of Spaces Cleaning Robot Cleaned [无] C++
2062 Count Vowel Substrings of a String [无] C++
2063 Vowels of All Substrings [无] C++
2064 Minimized Maximum of Products Distributed to Any Store [无] C++
2065 Maximum Path Quality of a Graph [无] C++
2066 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2067 Number of Equal Count Substrings [无] C++
2068 Check Whether Two Strings are Almost Equivalent [无] C++
2069 Walking Robot Simulation II [无] C++
2070 Most Beautiful Item for Each Query [无] C++
2071 Maximum Number of Tasks You Can Assign [无] C++
2072 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2073 Time Needed to Buy Tickets [无] C++
2074 Reverse Nodes in Even Length Groups [无] C++
2075 Decode the Slanted Ciphertext [无] C++
2076 Process Restricted Friend Requests [无] C++
2077 Paths in Maze That Lead to Same Room [无] C++
2078 Two Furthest Houses With Different Colors [无] C++
2079 Watering Plants [无] C++
2080 Range Frequency Queries [无] C++
2081 Sum of k-Mirror Numbers [无] C++
2082 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2083 Substrings That Begin and End With the Same Letter [无] C++
2084 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2085 Count Common Words With One Occurrence [无] C++
2086 Minimum Number of Buckets Required to Collect Rainwater from Houses [无] C++
2087 Minimum Cost Homecoming of a Robot in a Grid [无] C++
2088 Count Fertile Pyramids in a Land [无] C++
2089 Find Target Indices After Sorting Array [无] C++
2090 K Radius Subarray Averages [无] C++
2091 Removing Minimum and Maximum From Array [无] C++
2092 Find All People With Secret [无] C++
2093 Minimum Cost to Reach City With Discounts [无] C++
2094 Finding 3-Digit Even Numbers [无] C++
2095 Delete the Middle Node of a Linked List [无] C++
2096 Step-By-Step Directions From a Binary Tree Node to Another [无] C++
2097 Valid Arrangement of Pairs [无] C++
2098 Subsequence of Size K With the Largest Even Sum [无] C++
2099 Find Subsequence of Length K With the Largest Sum [无] C++
2100 Find Good Days to Rob the Bank [无] C++
2101 Detonate the Maximum Bombs [无] C++
2102 Sequentially Ordinal Rank Tracker [无] C++
2103 Rings and Rods [无] C++
2104 Sum of Subarray Ranges [无] C++
2105 Watering Plants II [无] C++
2106 Maximum Fruits Harvested After at Most K Steps [无] C++
2107 Number of Unique Flavors After Sharing K Candies [无] C++
2108 Find First Palindromic String in the Array [无] C++
2109 Adding Spaces to a String [无] C++
2110 Number of Smooth Descent Periods of a Stock [无] C++
2111 Minimum Operations to Make the Array K-Increasing [无] C++
2112 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2113 Elements in Array After Removing and Replacing Elements [无] C++
2114 Maximum Number of Words Found in Sentences [无] C++
2115 Find All Possible Recipes from Given Supplies [无] C++
2116 Check if a Parentheses String Can Be Valid [无] C++
2117 Abbreviating the Product of a Range [无] C++
2118 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2119 A Number After a Double Reversal [无] C++
2120 Execution of All Suffix Instructions Staying in a Grid [无] C++
2121 Intervals Between Identical Elements [无] C++
2122 Recover the Original Array [无] C++
2123 Minimum Operations to Remove Adjacent Ones in Matrix [无] C++
2124 Check if All A's Appears Before All B's [无] C++
2125 Number of Laser Beams in a Bank [无] C++
2126 Destroying Asteroids [无] C++
2127 Maximum Employees to Be Invited to a Meeting [无] C++
2128 Remove All Ones With Row and Column Flips C++
2129 Capitalize the Title [无] C++
2130 Maximum Twin Sum of a Linked List [无] C++
2131 Longest Palindrome by Concatenating Two Letter Words [无] C++
2132 Stamping the Grid [缺:二维差分数组] C++
2133 Check if Every Row and Column Contains All Numbers [无] C++
2134 Minimum Swaps to Group All 1's Together II [无] C++
2135 Count Words Obtained After Adding a Letter [无] C++
2136 Earliest Possible Day of Full Bloom [无] C++
2137 Pour Water Between Buckets to Make Water Levels Equal [无] C++
2138 Divide a String Into Groups of Size k [无] C++
2139 Minimum Moves to Reach Target Score [无] C++
2140 Solving Questions With Brainpower [无] C++
2141 Maximum Running Time of N Computers [无] C++
2142 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2143 Choose Numbers From Two Arrays in Range [无] C++
2144 Minimum Cost of Buying Candies With Discount [无] C++
2145 Count the Hidden Sequences [无] C++
2146 K Highest Ranked Items Within a Price Range [无] C++
2147 Number of Ways to Divide a Long Corridor [无]
2148 Count Elements With Strictly Smaller and Greater Elements [无] C++
2149 Rearrange Array Elements by Sign [无] C++
2150 Find All Lonely Numbers in the Array [无] C++
2151 Maximum Good People Based on Statements [无] C++
2152 Minimum Number of Lines to Cover Points [无] C++
2153 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2154 Keep Multiplying Found Values by Two [无] C++
2155 All Divisions With the Highest Score of a Binary Array [无] C++
2156 Find Substring With Given Hash Value [无] C++
2157 Groups of Strings [无] C++
2158 Amount of New Area Painted Each Day [无] C++
2159 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2160 Minimum Sum of Four Digit Number After Splitting Digits [无] C++
2161 Partition Array According to Given Pivot [无] C++
2162 Minimum Cost to Set Cooking Time [无] C++
2163 Minimum Difference in Sums After Removal of Elements [无] C++
2164 Sort Even and Odd Indices Independently [无] C++
2165 Smallest Value of the Rearranged Number [无] C++
2166 Design Bitset [无] C++
2167 Minimum Time to Remove All Cars Containing Illegal Goods [无] C++
2168 Unique Substrings With Equal Digit Frequency [无] C++
2169 Count Operations to Obtain Zero [无] C++
2170 Minimum Operations to Make the Array Alternating [无] C++
2171 Removing Minimum Number of Magic Beans [无] C++
2172 Maximum AND Sum of Array [无] C++
2173 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2174 Remove All Ones With Row and Column Flips II [无] C++
2175 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2176 Count Equal and Divisible Pairs in an Array [无] C++
2177 Find Three Consecutive Integers That Sum to a Given Number [无] C++
2178 Maximum Split of Positive Even Integers [无] C++
2179 Count Good Triplets in an Array [无] C++
2180 Count Integers With Even Digit Sum [无] C++
2181 Merge Nodes in Between Zeros [无] C++
2182 Construct String With Repeat Limit C++
2183 Count Array Pairs Divisible by K [无] C++
2184 Number of Ways to Build Sturdy Brick Wall [无] C++
2185 Counting Words With a Given Prefix [无] C++
2186 Minimum Number of Steps to Make Two Strings Anagram II [无] C++
2187 Minimum Time to Complete Trips [无] C++
2188 Minimum Time to Finish the Race [无] C++
2189 Number of Ways to Build House of Cards [无] C++
2190 Most Frequent Number Following Key In an Array [无] C++
2191 Sort the Jumbled Numbers [无] C++
2192 All Ancestors of a Node in a Directed Acyclic Graph [无] C++
2193 Minimum Number of Moves to Make Palindrome [无] C++
2194 Cells in a Range on an Excel Sheet [无] C++
2195 Append K Integers With Minimal Sum [无] C++
2196 Create Binary Tree From Descriptions [无] C++
2197 Replace Non-Coprime Numbers in Array [无] C++
2198 Number of Single Divisor Triplets [无] C++
2199 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2200 Find All K-Distant Indices in an Array [无] C++
2201 Count Artifacts That Can Be Extracted [无] C++
2202 Maximize the Topmost Element After K Moves [无] C++
2203 Minimum Weighted Subgraph With the Required Paths [无] C++
2204 Distance to a Cycle in Undirected Graph [无] C++
2205 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2206 Divide Array Into Equal Pairs [无] C++
2207 Maximize Number of Subsequences in a String [无] C++
2208 Minimum Operations to Halve Array Sum [无] C++
2209 Minimum White Tiles After Covering With Carpets [无] C++
2210 Count Hills and Valleys in an Array [无] C++
2211 Count Collisions on a Road [无] C++
2212 Maximum Points in an Archery Competition [无] C++
2213 Longest Substring of One Repeating Character [无] C++
2214 Minimum Health to Beat Game [无] C++
2215 Find the Difference of Two Arrays [无] C++
2216 Minimum Deletions to Make Array Beautiful [无] C++
2217 Find Palindrome With Fixed Length [无] C++
2218 Maximum Value of K Coins From Piles [无] C++
2219 Maximum Sum Score of Array [无] C++
2220 Minimum Bit Flips to Convert Number [无] C++
2221 Find Triangular Sum of an Array [无] C++
2222 Number of Ways to Select Buildings [无] C++
2223 Sum of Scores of Built Strings [无] C++
2224 Minimum Number of Operations to Convert Time [无] C++
2225 Find Players With Zero or One Losses [无] C++
2226 Maximum Candies Allocated to K Children [无] C++
2227 Encrypt and Decrypt Strings [无] C++
2228 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2229 Check if an Array Is Consecutive [无] C++
2230 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2231 Largest Number After Digit Swaps by Parity [无] C++
2232 Minimize Result by Adding Parentheses to Expression [无] C++
2233 Maximum Product After K Increments [无] C++
2234 Maximum Total Beauty of the Gardens [无] C++
2235 Add Two Integers [无] C++
2236 Root Equals Sum of Children [无] C++
2237 Count Positions on Street With Required Brightness [无] C++
2238 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2239 Find Closest Number to Zero [无] C++
2240 Number of Ways to Buy Pens and Pencils [无] C++
2241 Design an ATM Machine [无] C++
2242 Maximum Score of a Node Sequence [无] C++
2243 Calculate Digit Sum of a String [无] C++
2244 Minimum Rounds to Complete All Tasks [无] C++
2245 Maximum Trailing Zeros in a Cornered Path [无] C++
2246 Longest Path With Different Adjacent Characters [无] C++
2247 Maximum Cost of Trip With K Highways [无] C++
2248 Intersection of Multiple Arrays [无] C++
2249 Count Lattice Points Inside a Circle [无] C++
2250 Count Number of Rectangles Containing Each Point [无] C++
2251 Number of Flowers in Full Bloom [无] C++
2252 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2253 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2254 Design Video Sharing Platform [无] C++
2255 Count Prefixes of a Given String [无] C++
2256 Minimum Average Difference [无] C++
2257 Count Unguarded Cells in the Grid [无] C++
2258 Escape the Spreading Fire [无] C++
2259 Remove Digit From Number to Maximize Result [无] C++
2260 Minimum Consecutive Cards to Pick Up [无] C++
2261 K Divisible Elements Subarrays [无] C++
2262 Total Appeal of A String [无] C++
2263 Make Array Non-decreasing or Non-increasing [无] C++
2264 Largest 3-Same-Digit Number in String [无] C++
2265 Count Nodes Equal to Average of Subtree [无] C++
2266 Count Number of Texts [无] C++
2267 Check if There Is a Valid Parentheses String Path [无] C++
2268 Minimum Number of Keypresses [无] C++
2269 Find the K-Beauty of a Number [无] C++
2270 Number of Ways to Split Array [无] C++
2271 Maximum White Tiles Covered by a Carpet [无] C++
2273 Find Resultant Array After Removing Anagrams [无] C++
2274 Maximum Consecutive Floors Without Special Floors [无] C++
2275 Largest Combination With Bitwise AND Greater Than Zero [无] C++
2276 Count Integers in Intervals [无] C++
2277 Closest Node to Path in Tree [无] C++
2278 Percentage of Letter in String [无] C++
2279 Maximum Bags With Full Capacity of Rocks [无] C++
2280 Minimum Lines to Represent a Line Chart [无] C++
2281 Sum of Total Strength of Wizards [无] C++
2283 Check if Number Has Equal Digit Count and Digit Value [无] C++
2284 Sender With Largest Word Count [无] C++
2285 Maximum Total Importance of Roads [无] C++
2286 Booking Concert Tickets in Groups [无] C++
2287 Rearrange Characters to Make Target String [无] C++
2288 Apply Discount to Prices [无] C++
2289 Steps to Make Array Non-decreasing [无]
[缺:用 C++ STL list]
2290 Minimum Obstacle Removal to Reach Corner [无] C++
2291 Maximum Profit From Trading Stocks [无] C++
2292 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2293 Min Max Game [无] C++
2294 Partition Array Such That Maximum Difference Is K [无] C++
2295 Replace Elements in an Array [无] C++
2296 Design a Text Editor [无] C++
2297 Jump Game IX [无] C++
2298 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2299 Strong Password Checker II [无] C++
2300 Successful Pairs of Spells and Potions [无] C++
2301 Match Substring After Replacement [无] C++
2302 Count Subarrays With Score Less Than K [无] C++
2303 Calculate Amount Paid in Taxes [无] C++
2304 Minimum Path Cost in a Grid [无] C++
2305 Fair Distribution of Cookies [无] C++
2306 Naming a Company [无] C++
2308 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2309 Greatest English Letter in Upper and Lower Case [无] C++
2310 Sum of Numbers With Units Digit K [无] C++
2312 Selling Pieces of Wood [无] C++
2313 Minimum Flips in Binary Tree to Get Result [无] C++
2314 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2315 Count Asterisks [无] C++
2316 Count Unreachable Pairs of Nodes in an Undirected Graph [无] C++
2317 Maximum XOR After Operations [无] C++
2318 Number of Distinct Roll Sequences [无] C++
2319 Check if Matrix Is X-Matrix [无] C++
2320 Count Number of Ways to Place Houses [无] C++
2321 Maximum Score Of Spliced Array [无] C++
2322 Minimum Score After Removals on a Tree [无] C++
2323 Find Minimum Time to Finish All Jobs II [无] C++
2324 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2325 Decode the Message [无] C++
2326 Spiral Matrix IV [无] C++
2327 Number of People Aware of a Secret [无] C++
2328 Number of Increasing Paths in a Grid [无] C++
2329 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2330 Valid Palindrome IV [无] C++
2331 Evaluate Boolean Binary Tree [无] C++
2332 The Latest Time to Catch a Bus [无] C++
2333 Minimum Sum of Squared Difference [无] C++
2334 Subarray With Elements Greater Than Varying Threshold [无] C++
2335 Minimum Amount of Time to Fill Cups [无] C++
2336 Smallest Number in Infinite Set [无] C++
2337 Move Pieces to Obtain a String [无] C++
2338 Count the Number of Ideal Arrays [无] C++
2339 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2340 Minimum Adjacent Swaps to Make a Valid Array [无] C++
2341 Maximum Number of Pairs in Array [无] C++
2342 Max Sum of a Pair With Equal Sum of Digits [无] C++
2343 Query Kth Smallest Trimmed Number [无] C++
2344 Minimum Deletions to Make Array Divisible [无] C++
2345 Finding the Number of Visible Mountains [无] C++
2346 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2347 Best Poker Hand [无] C++
2348 Number of Zero-Filled Subarrays [无] C++
2349 Design a Number Container System [无] C++
2350 Shortest Impossible Sequence of Rolls [无] C++
2351 First Letter to Appear Twice [无] C++
2352 Equal Row and Column Pairs [无] C++
2353 Design a Food Rating System [无] C++
2354 Number of Excellent Pairs [无] C++
2356 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2357 Make Array Zero by Subtracting Equal Amounts [无] C++
2358 Maximum Number of Groups Entering a Competition [无] C++
2359 Find Closest Node to Given Two Nodes [无] C++
2360 Longest Cycle in a Graph [无] C++
2361 Minimum Costs Using the Train Line [无] C++
2362 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2363 Merge Similar Items [无] C++
2364 Count Number of Bad Pairs [无] C++
2365 Task Scheduler II [无] C++
2366 Minimum Replacements to Sort the Array [无] C++
2367 Number of Arithmetic Triplets [无] C++
2368 Reachable Nodes With Restrictions [无] C++
2369 Check if There is a Valid Partition For The Array [无] C++
2370 Longest Ideal Subsequence [无] C++
2372 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2373 Largest Local Values in a Matrix [无] C++
2374 Node With Highest Edge Score [无] C++
2375 Construct Smallest Number From DI String [无] C++
2376 Count Special Integers [无] C++
2377 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2378 Choose Edges to Maximize Score in a Tree [无] C++
2379 Minimum Recolors to Get K Consecutive Black Blocks [无] C++
2380 Time Needed to Rearrange a Binary String [无] C++
2381 Shifting Letters II [无] C++
2382 Maximum Segment Sum After Removals [无] C++
2383 Minimum Hours of Training to Win a Competition [无] C++
2384 Largest Palindromic Number [无] C++
2385 Amount of Time for Binary Tree to Be Infected [无] C++
2387 Median of a Row Wise Sorted Matrix [无] C++
2388 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2389 Longest Subsequence With Limited Sum [无] C++
2390 Removing Stars From a String [无] C++
2391 Minimum Amount of Time to Collect Garbage [无] C++
2392 Build a Matrix With Conditions [无] C++
2393 Count Strictly Increasing Subarrays [无] C++
2394 Database Problem: Link - - - -
2395 Find Subarrays With Equal Sum [无] C++
2396 Strictly Palindromic Number [无] C++
2397 Maximum Rows Covered by Columns [无] C++
2398 Maximum Number of Robots Within Budget [无][缺:滑动窗口] C++
2399 Check Distances Between Same Letters [无] C++
2400 Number of Ways to Reach a Position After Exactly k Steps [无][缺:数学解] C++
2401 Longest Nice Subarray [无] C++
2402 Meeting Rooms III [无] C++
2403 Minimum Time to Kill All Monsters [无] C++
2404 Most Frequent Even Element [无] C++
2405 Optimal Partition of String [无] C++
2406 Divide Intervals Into Minimum Number of Groups [无] C++
2407 Longest Increasing Subsequence II [无] C++
2408 Design SQL [无] C++
2409 Count Days Spent Together [无] C++
2410 Maximum Matching of Players With Trainers [无] C++
2411 Smallest Subarrays With Maximum Bitwise OR [无][缺:O(n) 算法] C++
2413 Smallest Even Multiple [无] C++
2414 Length of the Longest Alphabetical Continuous Substring [无] C++
2415 Reverse Odd Levels of Binary Tree [无] C++
2416 Sum of Prefix Scores of Strings [无] C++
2417 Closest Fair Integer [无] C++
2418 Sort the People [无] C++
2419 Longest Subarray With Maximum Bitwise AND [无] C++
2420 Find All Good Indices [无] C++
2421 Number of Good Paths [无] C++
2422 Merge Operations to Turn Array Into a Palindrome [无] C++
2423 Remove Letter To Equalize Frequency [无] C++
2424 Longest Uploaded Prefix [无] C++
2425 Bitwise XOR of All Pairings [无] C++
2426 Number of Pairs Satisfying Inequality [无]
[缺:493 问题整理]
2427 Number of Common Factors [无] C++
2428 Maximum Sum of an Hourglass [无] C++
2429 Minimize XOR [无] C++
2430 Maximum Deletions on a String [无] C++
2431 Maximize Total Tastiness of Purchased Fruits [无] C++
2432 The Employee That Worked on the Longest Task [无] C++
2433 Find The Original Array of Prefix Xor [无] C++
2434 Using a Robot to Print the Lexicographically Smallest String [无] C++
2435 Paths in Matrix Whose Sum Is Divisible by K [无] C++
2436 Minimum Split Into Subarrays With GCD Greater Than One [无] C++
2437 Number of Valid Clock Times [无] C++
2438 Range Product Queries of Powers [无] C++
2439 Minimize Maximum of Array [无] C++
2440 Create Components With Same Value [无] C++
2441 Largest Positive Integer That Exists With Its Negative [无] C++
2442 Count Number of Distinct Integers After Reverse Operations [无] C++
2443 Sum of Number and Its Reverse [无] C++
2444 Count Subarrays With Fixed Bounds [无] C++
2445 Number of Nodes With Value One [无] C++
2446 Determine if Two Events Have Conflict [无] C++
2447 Number of Subarrays With GCD Equal to K [无] C++
2448 Minimum Cost to Make Array Equal [无] C++
2449 Minimum Number of Operations to Make Arrays Similar [无] C++
2450 Number of Distinct Binary Strings After Applying Operations [无] C++
2451 Odd String Difference [无] C++
2452 Words Within Two Edits of Dictionary [无] C++
2453 Destroy Sequential Targets [无] C++
2454 Next Greater Element IV [无]
[缺:O(n) 解法]
2455 Average Value of Even Numbers That Are Divisible by Three [无] C++
2456 Most Popular Video Creator [无] C++
2457 Minimum Addition to Make Integer Beautiful [无] C++
2458 Height of Binary Tree After Subtree Removal Queries [无] C++
2460 Apply Operations to an Array [无] C++
2461 Maximum Sum of Distinct Subarrays With Length K [无] C++
2462 Total Cost to Hire K Workers [无] C++
2463 Minimum Total Distance Traveled [无] C++
2464 Minimum Subarrays in a Valid Split [无] C++
2469 Convert the Temperature [无] C++
2470 Number of Subarrays With LCM Equal to K [无] C++
2471 Minimum Number of Operations to Sort a Binary Tree by Level [无] C++
2472 Maximum Number of Non-overlapping Palindrome Substrings [无] C++

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