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A powerful RSS feed manager for Android


7 years ago

This version contains several improvements and fixes via community pull requests as well as a couple minor features:

  • Fixed Downloader implementations of toSafeUrl() not working correctly.
  • Basic support for RSS enclosures.
  • Slightly faster parsing.
  • Callbacks are stored as WeakReferences
  • Ability to delay calls via new .delay(long)
  • Ability to ignore requests if another similar request already exists
  • Custom instances now set via .setSingleton() rather than PkRSS.Builder
  • You can now configure PkRSS callbacks to run in the main thread by default

If you're running ProGuard on your project, you will need to add this line to your -keep class com.pkmmte.pkrss.Callback{ *; }


8 years ago
  • Support for per-request parsers and downloaders
  • Fixed NullPointerException bug for some feed types (Thanks to bamber123)
  • Completed Javadocs


8 years ago

First stable release.