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Packaging for ZFS on Linux

The home for this git repository is:

The Debian GNU/Linux Wheezy and Jessie tags assume having upstream ZOL ZFS repository as a remote:

git remote add zol

ZoL packages at (the PPA) and are built from this repository using the git-buildpackage tool.

Casual Build Instructions

If you are using APT to install ZoL, then just do quick builds like this:

$ apt-get source --build zfs-linux

This requires a corresponding deb-src line for each deb line in the /etc/apt/sources.list.d file for ZoL.

Developer Build Instructions

  1. Clone this repository:
$ git clone git://
$ cd pkg-zfs
  1. List the current releases by branch name:
$ git branch --list 'master/*'
  1. Or list previous releases by tag name:
$ git tag --list 'master/*'
  1. Optionally pull the latest upstream code:
$ git checkout upstream
$ git pull git:// master

(Use git remote add and git remote set-branches if you do this frequently.)

  1. Checkout the branch name or tag name that you want to build. For example, the latest code for Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr is:
$ git checkout master/ubuntu/trusty
  1. Optionally merge the upstream code.
$ git merge upstream

(Don't ignore merge conflicts. Learn how to use a git mergetool if this happens.)

  1. Optionally update the debian/changelog file.
$ git-dch --auto --commit
  1. Now compile the software:
$ git-buildpackage -uc -us --source-option=--auto-commit
  1. And clean the working tree afterwards by doing this:
$ rm .gitignore
$ git clean -df
$ git reset --hard

Release Instructions

  1. Build a binary+source release like this:
$ git-buildpackage --git-tag [-sa|-sd]

(The -sa switch means "upload a new upstream tarball" for an out-series build. The -sd switch means "only upload the new overlay" for an in-series build.)

  1. Synchronize the release bucket to your working copy.
$ s3cmd sync --dry-run s3:// ./
$ s3cmd sync s3:// ./
  1. Update the release bucket like this:
$ cd ./archive/
$ reprepro include wheezy /tmp/zfs-linux_${version}_amd64.changes
  1. Do a local installation in a clean sandbox to ensure that the Release and Sources files are sensible.

  2. Give notice that you're touching the release bucket, and synchronize the new packages:

$ s3cmd sync --dry-run ./ s3://
$ s3cmd sync ./ s3://

(Ideally, you would sync the pool first, and then sync the meta to ensure the smallest possible window of inconsistency.)

Upstream Repositories

The upstream branch in this repository is an unmodified copy of the mainline.

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