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A Python wrapper for the Dominos Pizza API

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This is a Python wrapper for the Dominos Pizza API.

It's a port of the pizzapi node.js module <>_ written by RIAEvangelist <>_.

Quick Start

Pull the module into your namespace:

.. code-block:: python

from pizzapi import *

First, construct a Customer object and set the customer's address:

.. code-block:: python

customer = Customer('Donald', 'Trump', '[email protected]', '2024561111')
address = Address('700 Pennsylvania Avenue NW', 'Washington', 'DC', '20408')

Then, find a store that will deliver to the address.

.. code-block:: python

store = address.closest_store()

In order to add items to your order, you'll need the items' product codes. To find the codes, get the menu from the store, then search for items you want to add. You can do this by asking your Store object for its Menu.

.. code-block:: python

menu = store.get_menu()

Then search menu with For example, running this command:

.. code-block:: python'Coke')

Should print this to the console:

.. code-block:: text

20BCOKE    20oz Bottle Coke®        $1.89
20BDCOKE   20oz Bottle Diet Coke®   $1.89
D20BZRO    20oz Bottle Coke Zero™   $1.89
2LDCOKE    2-Liter Diet Coke®       $2.99
2LCOKE     2-Liter Coke®            $2.99

After you've found your items' product codes, you can create an Order object add add your items:

.. code-block:: python

order = Order(store, customer, address)
order.add_item('P12IPAZA') # add a 12-inch pan pizza
order.add_item('MARINARA') # with an extra marinara cup
order.add_item('20BCOKE')  # and a 20oz bottle of coke

You can remove items as well!

.. code-block:: python


Wrap your credit card information in a PaymentObject:

.. code-block:: python

card = PaymentObject('4100123422343234', '0115', '777', '90210')

And that's it! Now you can place your order.

.. code-block:: python

Or if you're just testing and don't want to actually order something, use .pay_with.

.. code-block:: python

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