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Raspberry Pi based POS, Kitchen Printing & Online Ordering

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Raspberry Pi & Pipsta based solution for Point of Sale, Remote Kitchen Printing & Online Ordering aimed at restaurants, bars and takeways.


  • 12,738 in-house & takeout orders printed (Apr 2016 - Nov 2018)
  • 1,201 online takeout orders served (Dec 2016 - Nov 2019)
  • 235 payments using credit/debit card online (via Stripe) (Dec 2016 - Nov 2018)
  • 1 Crypto payments (to give perspective, we've just had 1 for a dine-in customer) (Dec 2016 - Nov 2018)
  • 0 hardware failures/replacements (Apr 2016 - Nov 2019)

Featured on The MagPi, May 2017, Issue 57, Page 40.

Live example of the online ordering feature: Sadly no longer active (my father, the manager, retired); but you can still order online :) https://khybertandoori.com




At the Bar:


At the Kitchen:


Online Ordering via an iPhone:

ScreenShot ScreenShot


Sadly no longer active; my father is retired and has passed on the business to new, younger, managers. NB: Not accessible outside the UK




  1. Tablet/touch based POS for waiters.
  2. Print bar receipts and tickets to the kitchen.
  3. Online ordering for customers.
  4. View the bar or kitchen using RP cameras.

Technical Overview

  • A Raspberry Pi webserver is used to implement the POS (JavaScript/JQuery/PHP).
  • The Pipsta printers are used to print the customer receipts or kitchen tickets (Python, Bash Scripts, SCP).
  • Orders arriving from a website are sent to the bar and kitchen for printing (SCP).
  • PiOrder is agnostic to the website creation. We've used Symfony2 & PHP. Bash, Awk and Cron used for handling of the orders and current waiting times. Stripe used for taking online payments.
  • No central database is used - using files is sufficient.


  1. 2 x RP Model 2B
  2. 2 x Pipsta
  3. 1 x Web Hosting (we use 4uhosting.co.uk)
  4. 1 x Wifi router & internet connection
  5. 1 x Pair of powerline ethernet adaptors
  6. 1 (or more) Tablets (for web browsing)
  7. Optional: Raspberry Pi Cameras


Q: Why print onto paper / why not go fully electronic? A: For customers, a paper receipt is still desired. For chefs, paper has robustness in a kitchen environment. An interesting discussion here.

Q: How much does this cost? A: Estimated breakdown below:

Item Cost
2 Pipsta Printers £160
1 Large Tablet £150
2 Small Tablets £100
1 Printer Cam £20
2 Raspberry Pi's £70
Powerline Ethernet £50
1 Wireless router £30
1 Speaker £30
Ethernet cables £5
Thermal paper £50/year
Web Hosting £65/year
Internet & Telephone £30/month


  • A 3G Mifi costing £30 for the device and £30/year for 12GB is a possibility.
  • While a static IP is useful, it isn't strictly necessary.

Q: How reliable are the Pipsta printers, Raspberry Pi's and tablets? A: We've been running all the above for a full year with no hardware based problems.

Q: Which tablets are you using? A: Amazon Kindle Fires (2 x 7 inch and 1 x 10.1 inch)

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