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Pinta - Simple Gtk# Paint Program

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Copyright (C) 2010 Jonathan Pobst <monkey AT jpobst DOT com>

Pinta is a GTK clone of Paint.Net 3.0

Original Pinta code is licensed under the MIT License: See license-mit.txt for the MIT License

Code from Paint.Net 3.36 is used under the MIT License and retains the original headers on source files.

See license-pdn.txt for Paint.Net's original license.

Icons are from:

Building on Windows

First, install the required GTK-related dependencies:

  • Install MinGW64 via MSYS2
  • From the MinGW64 terminal, run pacman -S mingw-w64-x86_64-libadwaita mingw-w64-x86_64-webp-pixbuf-loader.

Pinta can then be built by opening Pinta.sln in Visual Studio. Ensure that .NET 8 is installed via the Visual Studio installer.

For building on the command line:

Building on macOS

  • Install .NET 8 and GTK4
    • brew install dotnet-sdk libadwaita adwaita-icon-theme gettext webp-pixbuf-loader
  • Build:
    • dotnet build
  • Run:
    • dotnet run --project Pinta

Alternatively, Pinta can be built by opening Pinta.sln in Visual Studio for Mac.

Building on Linux

  • Install .NET 8 following the instructions for your Linux distribution.
  • Install other dependencies (instructions are for Ubuntu 22.10, but should be similar for other distros):
    • sudo apt install autotools-dev autoconf-archive gettext intltool libadwaita-1-dev
    • Minimum library versions: gtk >= 4.12 and libadwaita >= 1.4
    • Optional dependencies: webp-pixbuf-loader
  • Build (option 1, for development and testing):
    • dotnet build
    • dotnet run --project Pinta
  • Build (option 2, for installation):
    • ./
      • If building from a tarball, run ./configure instead.
      • Add the --prefix=<install directory> argument to install to a directory other than /usr/local.
    • make install

Getting help / contributing:

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