Picodrive 3ds Versions Save


5 years ago
  • Added support to save battery-backed RAM for CD games
  • Fixed problems with games that show parts of the previous screens at the left/right edges
  • Added support for cheats.
  • Added configuration for region selection between (Default, US, Europe, Japan)


5 years ago
  • Fixes a sound bug that plays the previous sound from a CD-ROM game when you load up an SMS ROM.
  • Re-ordered region priority to US, JP, EU.
  • Added support for .32x extensions and 32X games. (but some games like Virtual Fighter, Virtual Racing Deluxe cause the emulator to crash, just like the RetroArch versions)
  • Fixed ASM version of the 32X rendering routines to prevent crashing, and Blackthorne games.
  • Fixed the frame-rate bug that is not consistent with the frame-rate selected in the menu.
  • Enabled 32X / SVP dynarec when running in CIA mode and the necessary custom firmware is available.
  • Sets the default mapping for Sega MD's X, Y, Z buttons.
  • Fixed a read-ahead library bug that previous caused small ISO games to boot to the CD player.
  • Fixed minor sound emulation issues and improved sound sync.
  • Fixed YM2612 timer bug.
  • Implemented more aggressive optimzation of the YM2612 assembly emulation. Less skipping in some Old 3DS games.
  • Fixed playing PWM samples by deducting the DC offset of the waveform (CSND is unable to reliably play samples with a significant DC offset)


5 years ago
  • Added support for Mega CD games
  • CD reads are implemented with read-ahead for speed
  • Other optimizations for CD games now allow Sonic CD's 2D levels, Final Fight CD and probably others to be playable on an Old 3DS with frame drops with smooth audio, if you can accept that. (FMV's still run slowly due to heavy processing)
  • Optimizations
  • Fixed PicoDrive crashing bug when loading any save state immediately when the game starts running
  • Removed option for flickering sprites as it doesn't do what I thought it should do
  • Clear Mega CD PCM buffers on reset
  • Fixed random crashing bug when loading CD games due to uninitialized variables
  • Added configurable option for 3- or 6-button controller type.
  • Added some minor optimizations for the YM2612 FM synth (although it did nothing to improve performance and quality on an old 3DS)
  • Fixed bug where the SRAM was previously never saved.
  • Now defaults World region games to 60 FPS.
  • Added option to force 60 FPS, 50 FPS and default frame rate.
  • Added more screen stretching options and properly handles H32 and H40 width modes.
  • Reduced lag in the music and sound playback.
  • Used the assembly version of the 32X renderer (untested).


5 years ago
  • Added support for more extensions (.smd, .gen, .bin, .rom).
  • Added option to apply a low pass filter to the audio.


5 years ago

First release! Yay!