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A web interface for MySQL and MariaDB

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A web interface for MySQL and MariaDB.

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You can get the newest release at

If you prefer to follow the Git repository, the following branch and tag names may be of interest:

  • STABLE is the current stable release.
  • master is the development branch.
  • Releases are tagged; for example, version 5.0.1 was tagged as RELEASE_5_0_1.

Note that phpMyAdmin uses Composer <>_ to manage library dependencies; when using Git development versions, you must manually run Composer. Please see the documentation <>_ for details.

More Information

Please see, or browse the documentation in the doc folder.

For support <>_ or security issues, <>_ you can visit

Translations are welcome. You can translate phpMyAdmin into your language <>_.

If you would like to contribute to the phpMyAdmin's codebase, you can read the code contribution file <>_ or browse our website's contributing page <>_.

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