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A set of tools for testing your REST calls based on the swagger documentation using PHPUnit


2 weeks ago


5 months ago

What's Changed

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Full Changelog:


1 year ago

What's Changed

Full Changelog:


2 years ago

Follow the OpenAPI specification and allow regex without an initial and final slash (/).

PR #71


3 years ago

Use Webrequest component compatible with PHP 5.6 --> 8.0


3 years ago

Enable allOf work with references PR #63


3 years ago

Added the following specifications:

  • additionalProperties
  • allOf
  • oneOf
  • pattern matching


3 years ago

Some Refactory in the code:

  • Using PSR-7 implementation in the ApiRequester
  • Remove URI (dependency from WebRequest)
  • Code clean up.
  • Change the HttpClient to support Mock HTTP
  • Mock example.
  • ApiRequester now supports any PSR7 RequestInterface implementation by using the method withPsr7Request()
  • Support to parameter in formData (for upload files)


4 years ago

This is a refactory of PHP Swagger to split in two different classes the Swagger and OpenApi classes.

The main changes are:

  • Separation of the OpenApi 3.0 code from Swagger 2.0 code;
  • Renamed namespace from \ByJG\Swagger to \ByJG\ApiTools
  • Added a Factory to Schema in order to detect automatically what specification is.
  • Added the nullable to OpenApi specification
  • removed setUp() from ApiTestCase class to make it compatible with all PHPUnit versions. issue #44
  • Optional HTTP transport make it possible mock the HTTP Requests #41
  • You can create a Swagger/OpenApi instance from an array. It make possible you use external YAML parser #43
  • Some small issues #42
  • Some code cleanup.

This is a break change feature, so it is necessary bump the major version.

Thank you to all contributors to this release :)


4 years ago

Added server variables (OAS3 specification). Issue #31 .