Phalcon Rest Api Versions Save

Implementation of an API application using the Phalcon Framework


8 months ago

Code compatible with Phalcon v5.0.0


3 years ago
  • Upgraded project to be compliant with Phalcon v4.0 (#21, #23)
  • Extra minor fixes


4 years ago
  • Fixed code and tests to use "?includes" for included data
  • Corrected README
  • Fixed cache provider (lazy loading)
  • Fixed issue with unused code; Corrected logic for unknown include


4 years ago
  • Get for Companies
  • Get for Individuals
  • Get for Individual Types
  • Get for Products
  • Get for Product Types
  • Parsing of relationships
  • Followed the JSON API standard more closely correcting links
  • Issue 404 when records not found
  • Added more tests for edge cases
  • 100% code coverage and Rating 10 on Scrutinizer
  • Refactored and reused code in base controllers


4 years ago
  • Initial release