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A blazing fast language for the blazing fast world(WIP)

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A Blazing-Fast Language for the Blazing-Fast world.

The Peregrine Programming Language

Peregrine is a Compiled, Systems Programming Language, currently under development.

Purpose and intent

Why am I creating this language?

I am creating it to have the simplicity of Python with the efficiency of C.


  • Ease of use
  • Fast
  • Highly modular
  • Occupies less memory
  • Compiled

How does it work?

You can consider it to be a dialect of python which compiles to clean C++. It will have no garbage collector because it is a system programming language.

Building/compiling Peregrine

Requirements to build from source

Compilation instructions

1) Clone the main branch of

git clone

2) Cd into the directory

cd Peregrine

3) Build it

meson builddir
cd builddir

This will create the binary of the compiler named ./peregrine.elf in the builddir folder

C++ backend To compile it using the c++ backing just run ./peregrine.elf compile .It will create the executable named ./path_to_file. Run it to see the result. Check the file in the root directory to know what you can do with the c++ backend at this point

JS Backend To use the javascript backend use the following command ./peregrine.elf compile -js. It will create the javascript file named path_to_file.js. Run the generated javascript using node path_to_file.js. Check the file in the root directory to know what you can do with the js backend at this point


Currently we are working on the codegen and some Peregrine programs are working


Here is a small example for you to understand:

def fib(n:int) -> int :
    if n <= 0:
        return 1
    return fib(n-1) + fib(n-2)

def main():
    count:int = 0
    res:int = 0

    while count < 40:
        res = fib(count)

The main function is the entry point for the program.

Have questions?

Cool, you can contact me via mail.
Email: [email protected]
Discord :

Want to contribute?

Great, go ahead and make the changes you want, then submit a new pull request

Take a look at the open issues to find a mission that resonates with you.

Please check to learn how you can contribute.


The Peregrine compiler is licensed under the Mozilla Public License, which is attached in this repository

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