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Pelican Themes ##############

This repository contains themes for Pelican. Feel free to clone, add your own theme, and submit a pull request. It's community-managed!

A live version can be seen at

Using Themes ############

These instructions assume you have already read all the Pelican documentation_, have a working site, and would now like to apply a non-default theme.

.. _Pelican documentation:

First, choose a location to hold your themes. For this example, we'll use the directory ~/pelican-themes, but yours could be different. Clone the pelican-themes repository to that location on your local machine:

.. code-block:: sh

git clone --recursive ~/pelican-themes

Now you should have your pelican-themes repository stored at ~/pelican-themes/.

To use one of the themes, edit your Pelican settings file to include this line:

.. code-block:: python

THEME = "/home/user/pelican-themes/theme-name"

So, for instance, to use the mnmlist theme, you would edit your settings file to include:

.. code-block:: python

THEME = "/home/user/pelican-themes/mnmlist"

Save the changes to your settings file and then regenerate your site by using the Makefile you should already have set up using pelican-quickstart:

.. code-block:: sh

make html

Themes can also be specified directly via the -t ~/pelican-themes/theme-name parameter to the pelican command. If you want to edit your theme, make sure that any edits you make are made to the copy stored in ~/pelican-themes/theme-name. Any changes made to files stored in your site's output directory will be deleted the next time you generate your site.

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