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PegaSwitch is an exploit toolkit for the Nintendo Switch

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An exploit toolkit for the Nintendo Switch™


  1. Install the latest version of node from
  2. Clone this repository
  3. Run npm install


  1. Ensure port 53, 80, and 8100 are open on the computer running PegaSwitch.
  2. Start PegaSwitch with sudo node start.js
    • If on 1.0.0 or you are using the Fake News entrypoint, you will need to run sudo node start.js --webapplet instead.
  3. Configure your Switch DNS settings to point to the IP of your computer.
  4. Run a connection test to trigger the Captive Portal. (Likewise, going into an update page will do the same.)

It should no longer be necessary to run usefulscripts/SetupNew.js, since PegaSwitch will now do it automatically.


API documentation for SploitCore is automatically generated using jsdoc comments.

You can find the latest version of documentation hosted here

To view locally: npm run docs:serve then visit http://localhost:4001

To generate to docs folder: npm run docs:generate


DNS responds with incorrect IP address

You can override the IP address that pegaswitch responds with by passing an --ip argument to the node start.js command.


sudo node start.js --ip

Windows support

Pegaswitch should function on Windows, albeit with the curses ui disabled.

If --logfile is not specified, pegaswitch.log is used. You may open it with the text editor of your choice.


C:\pegaswitch\> node start.js --logfile log.txt

If you encounter problems using pegaswitch on Windows, we suggest installing through WSL.


ISC. See attached file.

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