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A little bot checking GitHub pull requests for peer reviews

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Peer Review Bot

A little Node.js bot checking GitHub Pull Requests for peer reviews, automatically labeling and merging PRs appropriately. We at Microsoft built it to automatically label blog posts pull requests, which have to receive peer reviews before they are merged into the code base.

The bot responds to GitHub web hooks and labels pull requests either as 'needs-peer-review' or as 'peer-reviewed', depending on how many people have commented with a reassuring 'LGTM!'.


To configure this little bot, go check out config.js and either change the file or set environment variables. Here are the properties:

  • github (default: empty)The github hostname, if you are using the Enterprise Github
  • user User/organization owning the repository
  • repo Repository to watch (case-studies)
  • botUser Bot's GitHub username
  • botPassword Bot's Github password
  • labelReviewed Name of the label indicating enough peer reviews
  • labelNeedsreview Name of the label indicating missing peer reviews
  • reviewsNeeded Number of reviews needed
  • instructionsComment Comment posted by the bot when a new PR is opened - if you use {reviewsNeeded} in your comment, it'll automatically be replaced with the number of reviews needed
  • mergeOnReview (default: false) If set to true, the bot will automatically merge a PR as soon as it consideres it revieweed
  • pullRequestsStatus (default: open) Status of the pull requests to consider. Options are: all|open|closed
  • oauth2token If set, we'll use an OAuth token instead of the username/password combination to authenticate the bot
  • excludeLabels If set, the bot will automatically ignore PRs with those labels (format: no-review i-hate-reviews)
  • filenameFilter If set, the bot will only act on PRs that impact files with filenames matching this filter, tested using indexOf (format: ["_posts", ".md"])


A small number of things is needed to get the bot started:

  • Create a GitHub user for your bot (or use an already existing account)
  • Create the two labels used by the bot using GitHub's label feature (go to your repo's issues and select 'Labels' in the top navigation bar)
  • Give your bot a home in the public Internet
  • Create a web hook for all relevant events pointing to http://{your-bot}/pullrequest

Then, simply copy the files to your server and start the both with npm start. If you're on Azure, it's even easier - just hit this button:

Deploy to Azure


(C) Copyright 2015 Microsoft Corporation. Licensed as MIT - please check LICENSE for details.

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