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Generate address space documentation HTML from compiled SystemRDL input

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Generate address space documentation HTML from compiled SystemRDL input.

For the command line tool, see the PeakRDL project.


Install from PyPi using pip:

python3 -m pip install peakrdl-html


An example of HTML output generated from a fictional SystemRDL register description: turboencabulator.rdl.


Pass the elaborated output of the SystemRDL Compiler into the exporter.

Assuming root is the elaborated top-level node, or an internal AddrmapNode:

from peakrdl_html import HTMLExporter

exporter = HTMLExporter()

exporter.export(root, "path/to/output")



Constructor for the HTML exporter class

Optional Parameters

  • markdown_inst
    • Override the class instance of the Markdown processor. See the Markdown module for more details.
    • By default, the following extensions are loaded: 'extra', 'admonition', 'mdx_math'
  • user_template_dir
    • Path to a directory where user-defined template overrides are stored.
  • user_static_dir
    • Path to user-defined static content to copy to output directory.
  • user_context
    • Additional context variables to load into the template namespace.
  • show_signals
    • Show signal components. Default is False
  • extra_doc_properties
    • List of properties to explicitly document.

      Nodes that have a property explicitly set will show its value in a table in the node's description. Use this to bring forward user-defined properties, or other built-in properties in your documentation.

  • generate_source_links
    • If True, attempts to generate links back to original RDL source deginitions. Defaults to True.
  • gitmetheurl_translators
    • Override the list of GitMeTheURL translators to use when generating source links. If unset, GitMeTheURL uses its builtin translators, as well as any installed plugins.

HTMLExporter.export(node, output_dir, **kwargs)

Perform the export!


  • nodes
    • Top-level node to export. Can be the top-level RootNode or any internal AddrmapNode. Can also be a list of RootNode and any internal AddrmapNode.
  • output_dir
    • HTML output directory.

Optional Parameters

  • footer
    • Override footer text.
  • title
    • Override title text.
  • home_url
    • If a URL is specified, adds a home button to return to a parent home page.
  • skip_not_present
    • Control whether nodes with ispresent=false are generated. Default is True.
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