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A major-mode to manage your password-store (pass) keychain. The keychain entries are displayed in a directory-like structure.

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Use melpa.

Getting started

This library depends on password-store.el and password-store-otp.el.

M-x pass

The following keybindings are available:

  • i: Insert a new entry (With a prefix argument, generate the password)
  • n: Go to the next entry
  • p: Go to the previous entry
  • M-n: Go to the next directory
  • M-p: Go to the previous directory
  • k: Remove the entry at point
  • w: Copy password of the entry at point to the kill ring
  • b: Copy username of the entry at point to the kill ring
  • u: Copy url of the entry at point to the kill ring
  • f: Copy a given secret field of the entry at point to the kill ring
  • U: Browse to the url of the entry at point with the default web browser
  • s: Trigger iSearch
  • r: Rename the entry at point
  • ?: Help
  • g: Update the password-store buffer
  • RET or v: Go to the entry at point
  • j: Jump to a given entry
  • q: Quit pass



Some applications/extensions rely on a password store structure that exposes the username as the entry name, i.e:
  [email protected]

If pass-username-fallback-on-filename is non-nil, the copy username command will still try to find a password field within the entry but fallback to the entry name if the field isn't found. In the example above, [email protected] will be used in place (unless the entry does contain a password field).

2FA / OTP Support

If you have the pass-otp extension installed, you will be able to use the following keybindings as well:

  • o i: Insert an OTP key URI in a new entry (as in pass otp insert)
  • o a: Append an OTP key URI to an existing entry (as in pass otp append)*
  • o s: Take a screenshot of an OTP QR Code and have its related URI be appended to an existing entry
  • o o: Copy OTP token for entry at point (as in pass otp -c)
  • o u: Copy OTP key URI for entry at point (as in pass otp uri -c)

* o a works exactly as pass otp append, in the sense that it will only "append" a URI to an entry if said entry does not have a URI already. pass otp append will not add several OTP key URIs to the same entry, but it will substitute the existing OTP key URI with a new one in each call. For more information, please refer to pass-otp documentation.

Pass View Mode

pass entry files are displayed in buffers that run under pass-view-mode. This major mode provides some features:

  • It will mask the password line automatically, you can hit C-c C-c to unmask it.
  • You can hit C-c C-w to copy your password to your clipbard.
  • In case of having OTP information in an entry, the buffer will display a header line with the OTP token and remaining seconds until expiration.
  • You can hit C-c C-o to copy the OTP token to your clipboard.
  • You can hit C-c C-q to display the QR Code for the OTP URI in the entry.

Pass in Emacs

Users of this package may also be interested in functionality provided by other Emacs packages dealing with pass:


Yes, please do! See CONTRIBUTING for guidelines.


See LICENSE. Copyright (c) 2015-2019 Nicolas Petton & Damien Cassou.

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