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Easy way to communicate your Swift Code directly with your MySQL Database.

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Easy way to manage your own MySQL Databases just with Swift.


1- Add "ParseQL.swift" (in "/SwiftSource/Xcode 7") to your Xcode project.
2- Write your own "PRIVATE_KEY" and "TOKEN" in "ParseQL.swift".
3- Write the same "PRIVATE_KEY" and "TOKEN" in "PHP/parseql/application/controllers/ParseQLController.php".
4- Edit "PHP/parseql/config/database.php" file with your database info (at the bottom on the file).
5- Upload "parseql" folder, to your hosting.
6- Edit BASE_URL in "ParseQL.swift" file, to point to "parseql" folder in your hosting.
7- Ready!

1. Create Row

Alt text

And we get our first row, in our own database.
Don't worry about create the table and the columns, if they don't exist, ParseQL will create them.

Alt text

2. Update Row

Alt text

Here's the change.

Alt text

3. Delete Row

Alt text

We'll talk about "where key" later...

Use completions to manage the results. Maybe you want to wait the result of the tasks above. The completions return some useful data too.

4. Create with block

It returns a message by now...

Alt text

5. Update with block

It returns affected rows as Array of Dictionaries

Alt text

6. Delete with block

It returns affected rows amount

Alt text

7. Conditions (We'll use some of these to get data from our database)

WhereKey (equal, greater, less and notEqual)

Alt text Alt text

OrderByAsc and OrderByDesc

Alt text


Alt text


Alt text

8. Get

It returns an Array or Dictionaries

Alt text

9. Cancel

You can cancel any PQL object task you started

Alt text

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