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The easiest way to install this is to use knife-github-cookbooks:

gem install knife-github-cookbooks
knife cookbook github install librato/papertrail-cookbook


node['papertrail']['logger']      - Logger to use. Support loggers include: rsyslog. Defaults to rsyslog.

node['papertrail']['remote_host'] - Papertrail host to send stats to. Defaults to ''.

node['papertrail']['remote_port'] - Port to use. No default.

node['papertrail']['cert_file']   - Where to store papertrail CA bundle. Defaults to '/etc/papertrail-bundle.pem'

node['papertrail']['cert_url']    - URL to download CA bundle from. Defaults to ''

node['papertrail']['resume_retry_count'] - Number of times to retry sending failed messages. Defaults to unlimited.

node['papertrail']['queue_disk_space'] - Maximum disk space for queues. Defaults to 100M.

node['papertrail']['queue_size'] - Maximum events to queue. Defaults to 100000.

node['papertrail']['queue_file_name'] - Name of the disk queue. Defaults to 'papertrailqueue'.

By default, this recipe will log to Papertrail using the system's hostname. If you want to set the hostname that will be used (think ephemeral cloud nodes) you can set one of the following. If either is set it will use the hostname_name first and the hostname_cmd second.

node['papertrail']['hostname_name'] - Set the logging hostname to this string.

node['papertrail']['hostname_cmd'] - Set the logging hostname to the output of this command passed to system(). This is useful if the desired hostname comes from a dynamic source like EC2 meta-data.

File monitoring is not really a part of papertrail but is included here:

node['papertrail']['watch_files'] - This is a hash of files and associated tags that will be configured to be watched and included in the papertrail logging. This is useful for including output from applications that aren't configured to use syslog. Example:

  '/var/log/chef/client.log'    => 'chef',
  '/var/log/something_else.log' => 'tag'


Include the default recipe in your chef run list.

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