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Read/Write pandas DataFrames with Tableau Hyper Extracts


8 months ago
  • Implemented a new use_parquet keyword in frame_to_hyper which uses Parquet as an intermediate storage solution instead of pantab's own internal C library. This may provide a small performance boost at the cost of additional disk usage
  • Fixed issue where pantab was not compatabile with Hyper versions 0.0.14567 and above. See the :ref:compatability documentation.


1 year ago


2 years ago


2 years ago

This is a bug fix release that fixes an issue where pantab would error when trying to read Non-nullable strings


3 years ago
  • Fixes an issue where unsupported data types in Hyper Files would crash the Python process
  • Adds support for reading DATE types


3 years ago

Improved installation processes for pantab


3 years ago

This release supports the new features of pandas 1.0 useful for interfacing with Tableau, namely "string" and "booleanna" dtypes


3 years ago

This releases fixes a bug with how dates were written, particularly on Windows


3 years ago

This is a minor bug fix release which allows for more native serialization of NULL values in timestamp fields


3 years ago

This is a bug fix release correcting issues when reading missing datetime values