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A Graphical User Interface for the open source pandapower load flow program. [ I was so inexperienced when I started this, but maybe we can try again]

Project README

pandapower Graphical User Interface

A Graphical User Interface for the open source pandapower load flow analysis program.

pandapower combines the data analysis library pandas and the power flow solver PYPOWER to create an easy to use network calculation program aimed at automation of analysis and optimization in power systems.


  • Download this repo and run as below
  • Using git clone git clone

How to run

It is important for now to run using the python interpreter. The GUI embeds an IPython console/interpreter, so if you run using the IPython shell or from somewhere were the IPyton Qt Widget is already running an error will be produced. See this Multiple incompatible subclass instances of InProcessInteractiveShell


running it with


will generate an error as described above

What is working

  • Load and save Excel case files
  • Solve case
  • Run a technical losses report
  • Inspect case elements
  • Inspect results elements
  • Basic building of elements using dialog boxes
  • Embedded IPython interpreter with current net in variable net
  • Embedded help system

Embedded IPython Interpreter

The embedded interpreter makes the system pretty usable. The current net variable is exported to the interpreter.


Developers needed

  • If you have PyQt or PySide experience and whant to get involved please let me know. I want to port to PySide but currently just dont have the time. Pyside will make the licensing a bit easier.
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