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PadCMS backend


  • Apache 2.x web server
  • PHP 5.3 with the following extensions:
    • PHP Data Objects (PDO) with MySQL and SQLite drivers
    • GD library of image functions
    • ZIP extension
    • ImageMagick is a native php extension to create and modify images using the ImageMagick API
    • [POSIX] ( This module contains an interface to those functions defined in the IEEE 1003.1 (POSIX.1) standards document which are not accessible through other means.
    • [PCNTL] ( Process Control support in PHP implements the Unix style of process creation, program execution, signal handling and process termination.
  • MySQL 5.x with the MyISAM storage engine
  • SQLite 3.x
  • [ImageMagick] ( 6.7.x software suite to create, edit, compose, or convert bitmap images
  • PHING 2.4 - for configuration wizard and database deployment
  • PHPUnit 3.5 (or 3.6 with DbUnit 1.0.0) - optional


  • Install all required packages

      sudo apt-get install unzip git apache2 mysql-server php5 sqlite3 php5-mysql php5-sqlite php5-imagick php-apc php-pear php5-dev imagemagick optipng
  • Install PadCMSdraw util

    • Compile from sources

            mkdir /tmp/padcmsdraw && cd /tmp/padcmsdraw
            git clone git:// .
            make && sudo make install
    • Install from package

      • i386

                  mkdir /tmp/padcmsdraw && cd /tmp/padcmsdraw
                  dpkg -i padcmsdraw_1.0-1_i386.deb
      • x64

                  mkdir /tmp/padcmsdraw && cd /tmp/padcmsdraw
                  dpkg -i padcmsdraw_1.0-1_amd64.deb
  • Install needed packages from PEAR

      sudo pear config-set auto_discover 1
      sudo pear upgrade-all
      sudo pear install --alldeps
      sudo pear install
  • Create databases

      mysql -u root -proot -e 'create database padcms; create database padcms_test;'
  • Clone the latest stable release of PadCMS backend

      sudo mkdir /var/www/padcms
      sudo chown username:usergroup /var/www/padcms
      git clone git:// /var/www/padcms/htdocs
      cd /var/www/padcms/htdocs
  • Prepare Apache virtual host

      sudo cp vhost.conf.sample /etc/apache2/sites-available/padcms
      sudo a2ensite padcms
      sudo a2enmod rewrite
      sudo apache2ctl restart
  • Bind host 'padcms.loc' to the IP in /etc/hosts file

      sudo nano /etc/hosts

add to the end of file    padcms.loc
  • Run phing configuration wizard in the padcms folder. You will be guided through few questions about system configuration. You can use default values or set specific. After configuration, the script will create a folders for temporary files and resources.

      phing init
  • Run build task to create the necessary tables in databases

      ./padcms build
      APPLICATION_ENV=test ./padcms build
  • Run the task manager daemon, it will run in the background after first run

      ./padcms manager
  • Add the PadCMS background tasks manager as cron job - we recommend to run task manager every 15 minutes to check whether the background process is not dead.

      */15 * * * * /var/www/padcms/htdocs/padcms manager > /dev/null 2>&1
  • Run tests (optional)

      ./padcms phpunitall
  • To access the backend as superuser open http://padcms.loc in you browser and use credentials:

      Login: admin
      Password: password

We strongly recommend to change password asap

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